The baseball team finishes off-season training with bullpen pitching. In the end, the last practice game was not played due to rain.

On the 27th, the baseball team led by coach Kang-Cheol Lee held a self-training at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The national team, which had previously played four practice matches against NC, KIA, and KT, planned to play the last actual match against LG on this day. However, as predicted by the weather forecast, it snowed from dawn and continued to rain until the morning, so the ground was soaked with water.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol wanted to return home after playing the actual game, even if he had to postpone the game to the afternoon. However, considering the travel time of LG, who is training in Scottsdale, Arizona, the game had to be canceled early in the morning.

If the game is canceled, it was planned to raise the senses of the pitchers even more through live pitching, but this was also canceled due to the cold and strong wind. In response, the plan was changed to self-training, but all the pitching staff came to the training ground, and 14 people except for Kwak Bin did bullpen pitching instead of training that day. Eight batters, including Yang Eui-ji, Park Byeong-ho, Kim Hyeon-soo, Na Seong-beom, and Kim Hye-seong, came to the training ground and practiced batting balls in the indoor batting range.

Currently, the biggest concern of the national team is that the pace of the pitchers is slow. The pitchers hurriedly prepared in their own way, but it was too early for the actual game, so the pitching condition of many pitchers did not come up normally. In response, coach Lee Kang-cheol has focused on raising the number of pitches and has been practicing. However, there is a limit to gradually increasing the number of pitches and innings of 15 pitchers in 4 games. There was not much time left before the start of the tournament.

Among all pitchers, Koh Young-pyo was the only one who played 3 innings in the actual game. Koh Young-pyo (43) and Sohn Joon-joon (41) are the only pitchers who have thrown more than 40 pitches in actual matches. The number of pitches in the first round of the WBC is 65. Since the situation is still far from reaching, the biggest task remains for the pitchers to increase the number of pitches as much as possible and improve their condition before the start of the tournament.

In the bullpen pitching that day, Hyeon-jong Yang threw 60 pitches that were close to real. On this day, he started the practice game with LG and was scheduled to throw 2 innings, so he increased the number of pitches and digested them without difficulty. Most of the pitchers were bullpen pitchers with around 35 pitches, with Kim Gwang-hyeon throwing 33 pitches.

The national team will go home after a brief morning training on the 28th. On this day, some pitchers plan to leave after pitching in the bullpen.

The national team will reconvene and train at the Gocheok Dome on March 2nd, and then have a practice match against SSG on the 3rd. On this day, all the pitchers of the national team will take the mound on the SSG mound and have the opportunity to practice as much as possible. Afterwards, he leaves for Japan on the 4th, has practice matches with Orix and Hanshin on the 6th and 7th, and starts the WBC group stage with the first match against Australia on the 9th.

Although we don’t have much time, we plan to focus on raising the pace for the SSG match on the 3rd, just like the Cheongbaekjeon, and for the match against Japanese teams on the 6th and 7th, we plan to create conditions so that we can practice as if it were a real match. 메이저놀이터

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