The Boston media’s interest in Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego) is obvious. Whether or not there is a ‘170 billion shortstop’ Trevor Story (31, Boston), public opinion is growing that it should be brought in.

On the 14th (Korean time), the Boston corner ‘Over the Monster’ of Fanside, an American media, claimed, “It is possible with Ha-sung Kim. The solution to the Boston middle infielder problem is waiting in San Diego. If you want him, you have to contact him.”

The shortstop spot is currently vacant in Boston. Existing shortstop Xander Bogaerts (31) left after signing a free agent contract with San Diego. Even Story, who was active as a shortstop before joining Boston last season, collapsed with an injury and the problem grew. Story received right elbow surgery on the 10th and is known to need at least 4-6 months to return. At the same time, center fielder Enrique Hernandez (31) or backup second baseman Cristian Arroyo (28) should be used as shortstop. The free agent market situation is also not good enough that Jose Iglesias (33), who has a career OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.701, is the largest player. 스포츠토토

Because of that, it was not a day or two that Boston-related media wanted Kim Ha-seong. However, this media drew attention by claiming that Ha-seong Kim was needed in Boston regardless of whether the story was injured or not. Over the Monster said, “Even if Story has completely recovered his health, Ha-seong Kim is a player suitable for Boston in 2023. If Ha-seong Kim is present, it is the most reasonable scenario to move back to second base even if Story comes, and Arroyo to go to the bench as a utility man.” .

The reason was that, as a shortstop, he had better defense than Story. After his debut in 2016, Story played an active part as a shortstop in Colorado for six seasons and won a six-year, $140 million (approximately 173.9 billion won) free agent contract. However, he continues to suffer from poor shoulder strength and has recently been criticized for not being suitable for a shortstop.

Regarding Kim Ha-sung’s normal attack power, Over the Monster said, “Compared to what the story has shown over the years, Kim Ha-sung’s aggressiveness is not impressive. Compared to his rookie days, he improved overall and occasionally showed a sparkling appearance in the aggressive part, but Kim Ha-sung’s attack power It’s not his main weapon. But it’s okay. Kim Ha-seong is a good defensive player,” he thought lightly.

“It’s not easy to replace the franchise star (Fernando Tatis Jr.), but Ha-seong Kim did it with an fWAR (contribution to win versus substitute player based on fan graph) of 3.7. He has a tremendous shoulder similar to Bogatz, has excellent dexterity, and has many You can be responsible for the scope,” he explained.

Ha-wook Tanner (27), a ‘first-round right-hander’ whose strength is a fast ball with an average speed of 95.2 miles per hour (about 153 km), was mentioned in return for Ha-seong Kim. But he analyzed San Diego’s lineup and predicted the trade wouldn’t be easy.

Over the Monster said, “Boston needs to give up one or two prospects to trade Kim Ha-sung. It would be foolish to give up a prospect with potential like Miguel Blythe (the fifth-best prospect on Boston’s team according to, but he is outside the top 40 on the team.” It would be difficult as a prospect,” he said, setting a rough range, and stressed, “In conclusion, Ha-seong Kim is a perfectly suitable player for Boston. .

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