The Samsung Lions ended the new annual salary system that lasted for two years.

Samsung, which is in the final stage of salary negotiations in 2023, went to the negotiating table by changing its method to the existing general evaluation method rather than the new salary system, which had player options this season.

Ahead of the 2021 season, Samsung introduced a new type incentive system that allows players to choose their own contract structure, changing the uniform salary system.

Based on the team evaluation system, the standard annual salary is determined through negotiations with the players, and one of three options such as ‘basic type, target type, and challenge type’ is selected.

In the case of the basic type, the basic annual salary is received without any separate incentive. The target type starts with an amount that is 10% lower than the standard annual salary, and then receives several times more of the deducted amount if the performance is good. The challenge type starts with an amount that is 20% lower than the standard annual salary, and if you get good grades, you can receive several times more of the 20%.

In the first year of implementation, most of the key players, except free agents, chose the pursuit type. It was evaluated as an unconventional device that can surely lead to motivation. The Samsung club explained, “The key is that players themselves can choose their own salary system,” and “we expect it to motivate players and energize the team by moving away from the previous salary decision process, which was carried out as was customary.

” It worked. In the first year of implementation, Samsung climbed to second place in the regular season and succeeded in escaping the dark period in six years.

It was originally designed with the intention that team performance would naturally improve if players received a lot of incentives through motivation. However, while the team’s performance plummeted to the bottom last year, the players’ incentives were not less than expected.

Crucially, the salary cap, which came into effect this season, was hampered. This winter, each club had big and small difficulties in salary negotiations. This is because the total had to be adjusted so that it did not exceed the salary cap limit. Even if incentives are included, the maximum value must be predictable.

However, in the case of the target type and challenge type of the new type annual salary system, it is not easy to predict the maximum value because the design is subdivided. This was the biggest reason why it was difficult to continue the new annual salary system any longer.

With the resignation of CEO Won Ki-chan, who took the lead in introducing the new annual salary system, which emphasized the motivation of members, the new annual salary system, which was once considered unconventional, disappeared into history. 카지노사이트

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