The flight time was as long as 7 seconds. It was a home run with a big parabola in the night sky.

Murakami Munetaka of the Yakult Swallows hit home runs in two consecutive games. He is recovering from his slump at the beginning of the season and ranking first in monthly home runs and RBIs in July, regaining his momentum as the home run king last year.

Yakult beat the Yokohama DeNA BayStars 7-4 at Meiji Jingu Stadium in Japan on the 30th.

Murakami, who started as the fourth third baseman, was active with two hits, one home run and one run in four at-bats. He hit a run-off home run in the eighth inning, one point lead.

Murakami hit home runs in two consecutive games following the previous day, marking his 19th career of the season, three steps closer to Kazuya Okamoto (Yomiuri, 22), the No. 1 home run in the Central League.

Murakami batted .317 with 17 RBIs in 21 토토사이트 games in July. It is the number one home run and RBI in July. If the pace continues now in the second half, it seems possible to recapture the top home run.

Yakult made third base with one out with a stolen base and a pitcher’s wild pitch after top hitter Namiki Hidetaka got on base with a hit in the first inning. Shiomi Yasutaka scored the first run with a timely hit. Murakami connected the first and third base chances with a left-handed hit. Later, he scored his second point with an infield grounder.

Yakult gave up one run after hitting a solo home run in the fourth inning, but immediately concentrated on three hits in the bottom of the fourth inning to make it 4-1. In the fifth inning, he added one point to widen the gap to 5-1.

The crisis came in the middle of the game. He was on the verge of full base with no outs due to hits and consecutive walks in the sixth inning. He gave up one point with the catcher’s fastball and lost an additional point with a sacrifice fly at second and third bases with no outs. Since then, it has narrowed to 5-4 with an infield grounder at first and third bases with one out.

Murakami, the leadoff hitter in the eighth inning, hit a decisive home run. He hit a solo home run over the right fence by pulling a fastball on a ball count of three balls-1 strike. After Murakami’s home run, Yakult ran away 7-4 with two doubles.

Japanese media Nikkan Sports said, “Murakami’s home run hit had a seven-second flight time. “The overwhelming parabola drawn in the night sky of Meiji Jingu Stadium fell in front of the stands on the right,” he said.

Coach Takatsu Shingo Yakult praised Murakami’s two consecutive home runs, saying, “The blow of changing the flow with one shot was very big.”

Murakami, who is approaching the top home run by three, said, “We still have to move forward. “I want to do my best to leave good results at the end of the season,” he said.

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