“I’ll see you in London,” said coach Arne Schott, 45, but the move to Tottenham fell through. Tottenham turned their backs first due to “fraudulent conditions”.

“Tottenham decided not to bring Slott back after they felt they had been taken advantage of,” explained Sky Sports reporter Rob Dorsett on Friday.

Earlier that same day, Slott had directly dismissed speculation of a Tottenham job, telling Dutch outlet AD: “What I want is to stay at Feyenoord and build on what we’ve done in the last two seasons,” and that there were “no ongoing transfer talks”.

“I look forward to the new season at Feyenoord,” he added.

Slott, who began his professional career in 2019 as head coach of Dutch professional soccer side AZ Alkmaar, has worked exclusively in the Dutch league. He has been at the helm of Feyenoord since 2021 and led the club to the Dutch Eredivisie title this season.

With a “winning record” premium,메이저사이트 he has recently emerged as Tottenham’s top choice for the next managerial position.

“The normal next step is to go abroad and for me the best stage in the world has always been the English Premier League (EPL),” the Dutchman said at a recent press conference, according to Sky Sports.

“There’s sun in London,” he added. I’m going to head to where the sun is,” he said, again hinting at a move to London. Tottenham is a club with ties to London. It’s a statement that lends credence to the vibe that is strongly connected to Spurs.

But in the end, he’s not coming to Tottenham. Slott confirmed to the press that he will remain at Feyenoord.

Why the sudden change of heart?

“As I understand it, it was Tottenham who decided to let Slott go due to a disagreement over contractual clauses,” Dorsett said. “Tottenham, who have not spoken to Slott or Feyenoord (directly), have had discussions with an intermediary. There is a £5 million buyout clause for Slott (who is still under contract with Feyenoord), and there are details, but it does not apply until next summer. So Tottenham would have to pay £10 million (double the buyout clause) if they wanted Slott, and another £5 million if they wanted his coach.”

“Upon hearing this, Tottenham felt they were being taken advantage of and decided to leave.”

According to Sky Sports, Slott will re-sign with Feyenoord on better terms.

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