Ahn Jung-hwan, soccer commentator, is known to be influential in joining the coaching staff of the next soccer team, drawing attention.

As a result of summarizing the opinions of a number of soccer officials on the 10th, Ahn was virtually appointed to join the new national team coaching staff regardless of who the new head coach will be. Accordingly, Ahn seems to have taken the first step in his career as a leader in the national team. Ahn has no leadership experience yet, not only in youth, but also in adult teams and professional stages. Ahn previously said that the Qatar World Cup was his “last commentary.”

Ahn’s joining the coaching staff has been rumored among domestic soccer leaders since last month. Most of the coaches believed that there was a condition for joining the national coach in the background of Ahn’s selection of 25 students for next year’s P-level coaching class announced by the Korea Football Association on the 7th of last month. It is said that he passed the P-level leadership training session to appoint Ahn as the national team coach. According to our association regulations, even if you do not have a P-level coaching license, you can coach in the national team by age group if you are taking a class.

In fact, in the process of selecting students for this P-level coaching class, the association selected only two applicants among “people who have played more than 50 national team matches (A matches), contributed to the country, and have been recognized as top-level students.” A new rule was created to give priority in selection. Then, an official letter was sent to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to increase the student quota from 24 to 25.

The association has recently put one or two coaches in the ‘recommendation’ method to the national team coaching staff by age under the consent of the coach. When coach Paulo Bento was appointed in August 2018, Choi Tae-wook and Kim Young-min (Michael Kim) joined as domestic coaches. Ahn is also expected to be appointed as a coaching staff according to this procedure.

Meanwhile, the association is said to have started the process of selecting a successor for Bento. In the midst of the approximate candidates, some have emerged as a variable for Vietnam national team coach Park Hang-seo. An official in the soccer world predicted, 메이저사이트 “Wouldn’t the association meet with coach Park at least once and ask for a doctor?” Coach Park agreed not to extend the contract with the Vietnam Football Association in October. He plans to step down from his command tower after the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) Championship, which will be held from the 20th to the 16th of next month. It is known that the future direction has not yet been decided.

The Korea Football Association issued a statement saying, “We express serious concern” about the recent reports about the new coach of the national team. On that day, a post was posted on the official social network service (SNS) Instagram account, saying, “It is a remark by an official of the Football Association, and even a little absurd conditions such as ‘no appointment as a Korean leader’, ‘an annual salary of less than 1 billion won’, and ‘a leader with strong patriotism’ It is a situation that is being reported. The name of a specific person is sometimes mentioned as a potential candidate,” he emphasized, “to conclude, the content is different from the facts.”

“According to the regulations and procedures, the association’s ‘National Team Strengthening Committee’ will be in charge of appointing national coaches,” he said. We will start by establishing the direction the national team will go.” In addition, he added, “I earnestly ask you not to make hasty predictions regarding the appointment of the national team coach until there is an official briefing from the association.”

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