The Toronto Blue Jays breathed a sigh of relief.

In an interview ahead of the home game against the Baltimore Orioles held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 2nd 먹튀검증 (Korean time), Toronto coach John Schneider reported the news of shortstop Bo Bisset, who injured his right knee during the game the previous day.

“No structurally significant damage was found. He was diagnosed with inflammatory conditions. He will be monitoring his condition over the next few days,” he said, explaining that the MRI scan on Bisset gave “the best possible result.”

After hitting a hit the day before, Bisset injured his knee while going around first base and going to second base. He has since been able to walk on his own, but his legs appear to be quite uncomfortable.

There were concerns about his ligament damage, but he seems to have avoided serious damage. “I’m just happy,” said Schneider, and he appeared relieved that he had averted the worst.

First of all, Toronto called Ernie Clement to the taxi squad, but will not include it in the squad that day.

Paul De Jong, who was recruited through a trade that day, has not yet joined the squad. Schneider explains that he will not even play on this day.

Schneider said the signing of De Jong “is aimed at making sure all bases are covered by any team. After today, you lose the option to protect it.”

When asked if shortstop Bisset and Deyong could coexist in the lineup, he replied, “I haven’t thought about that yet, but there will be many other ways.”

In addition to Bisset and Deyong, Toronto has Santiago Espinal as an option at shortstop. Schneider predicted that Espinal would play as the shortstop for the match.

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