“How many did Puig hit?”

Kiwoom Heroes Edison Russell, who succeeded in bulking up, showed confidence that he would hit more home runs than Yasiel Puig, who played an active role as the center hitter of Kiwoom Heroes last year.

Russell, who came to Kiwoom as a substitute player for the 2020 season but failed to renew the contract due to a sluggish blow, wore the Kiwoom uniform again after 3 years and re-challenged the KBO League.

“I was 26 years old at the time. I thought that I would be able to challenge Korea again in my 30s after 5 years, but I am grateful that Kiwoom called me back so quickly,” said Russell. I will do my best to improve with the players I meet.”

Since I came as a substitute in 2020, this is my first KBO League spring camp. “Three years ago, I was psychologically anxious. I joined in the middle of the season and needed time to adapt to the KBO League,” said Russell.

Russell, who bulked up, showed confidence in his long hit. When I asked Russell, who had grown as big as Puig, if he could hit as many long hits as Puig, Russell replied, “How many Puig did he hit last year?” When he said he hit more than 20, he showed confidence, saying, “I will hit 30.” Puig hit 21 home runs last year. Russell hit just two home runs in 65 games in 2020, his third year.

“I tried to become a better player and a better teammate. The Mexican league is a little lower than the KBO league, but I learned how to produce the best performance.” If he hits more home runs than Puig, it’s definitely a jackpot. 토토사이트

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