A ‘Korean striker’ who entered Europe after a long time was born. The main character is Oh Hyun-gyu. Oh Hyun-gyu, who played for Suwon Samsung, recently confirmed a transfer to Celtic, a prestigious Scottish club.

Celtic is Scotland’s No. 1 club. It occupied the top spot in its country for a long time. Thanks to that, players who succeed at Celtic are more likely to be noticed by various scouts and head to a better club. It is also easier than before to transfer to the English Premier League, which is the same language. In addition, Celtic is a good place to gain experience on the European top-level stage due to the nature of going to the UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League like a meal. 슬롯사이트

Celtic are overwhelmingly in first place this season as well. In the 2022-2023 Scottish Premiership, they lead their fateful rivals Rangers by 9 points. If the pace is not suddenly lost, there is a high probability of reaching the championship this season. The leader in making this version is director Enze Postecoglu. However, coach Ange Postecoglu has a unique strategy.

Celtic, under coach Ange Postecoglu, currently has seven players from East Asia alone. This is a rare phenomenon for a well-known club in Europe. Including Hyungyu Oh from Korea, who transferred this time, Kyōgo Furuhashi, Daizen Maeda, Yosuke Ideguchi, Leo Hatate, Tomoki Iwata and Yuki Kobayashi. Except for Yuki Kobayashi, all of them are East Asian top-class talents who have national team careers in Korea and Japan.

Coach Enze Postecoglu previously coached several clubs under the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). He took the baton to Melbourne Victory in Australia and Yokohama F. Marinos in Japan. He also served as coach of the Australian national team for a long time. Because of this, there were frequent opportunities to coach or face Asian players. It seems that he clearly recognized the characteristics and strengths of Asian players in that experience. Such a judgment appears in Celtic’s squad status.

Regarding this, the Spanish sports magazine said, “Oh Hyeon-gyu signed! Celtic continues to expand the ‘Asian Empire’. Oh Hyeon-gyu’s recruitment follows the ‘Postecoglu Line’, which already had six Japanese players.” did.

Attention is focusing on how much effect Anje Postecoglu’s ‘Asian Empire’, built in the middle of Scotland, will have in the future. As the ‘postecoglu plan’ works, it is clear that Celtic will become a great bridgehead for East Asian players to advance into Europe.

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