The SSG Landers will host the top-ranked LG Twins in their 13th game of the season on Saturday at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul. SSG leads the series 4-8.

SSG had a day off with no games on the 15th. With KIA’s upset loss to Doosan on the 15th, SSG moved into fourth place by 0.5 games.

SSG’s starting pitcher against LG is Oh Won-seok. He is 6-8 with a 5.48 ERA in 23 games this season. Despite being pushed in regulation innings, he has the worst ERA in the league.

He is especially vulnerable to LGs. In two starts this season, he is 2-0 with a 12.60 ERA. He gave up six runs in five innings and eight runs in five innings.

Manager Kim Won-hyung was worried at Jamsil Stadium on the 16th, saying, “There is a rain forecast…”. If the game is canceled, the team will regroup on Monday (Aug. 18) and play a nine-game series through next weekend.

-I think there will be a lot of worries about the starting rotation.

If it’s raining and canceled, I’ll just go with the flow, and I’ll think about whether to play this player or that player and hope for a good result, but it’s not difficult to do as I’ve always done.

-Oh Won-seok is exceptionally weak against LG.

If Won-seok doesn’t go, (Moon) Seung-won should throw. I looked at our records and they’re almost the same. Our records against LG are almost the same. I think Won-seok is better because LG has a lot of lefties.

-If he continues to struggle today, I’ll be worried.

Tomorrow’s doubleheader is with (Kim) Kwang-hyun and McCarty. If today’s game is pushed back and Monday’s game is on Monday, (Moon) Seung-won might play. On Tuesday, (Park) Jong-hoon might go out.

SSG’s Seo Jin-yong suffered a devastating upset loss to Doosan on Thursday. Seo talks with Noh Kyung-eun after the game.토토사이트

-How do you view Seo’s recent struggles (Seo gave up three runs in the ninth inning of a 2-0 loss to Doosan on Thursday)?

Last week, I had one blown save in Daejeon, and against KT, I pitched two good innings and one save. Yesterday (against Doosan) was a bad situation, which can happen, but I think it was a big game for us as a team.

After the second inning, I thought the best process and outcome would be to go toe-to-toe with Kim In-tae and try to shut him down, but I had to fight hard and got him to ground out.

I think the pitcher on the mound decided that the batter was a little tough, and if he got hit, it was a big deal to tie the game. But if you look at it the other way, if the batter goes out, if he steals second or third, you’ve got the lead. The next hit feels bigger.

Even if you get hit, it’s better to compete with the batter in the tying run’s situation and get hit, or block it, and that’s my biggest regret that I didn’t see the result there.

-Jin-Yong Seo on how he’s been pitching lately.

Now that I’m having a little bit of trouble physically, I feel like I’m throwing a lot more strikes, a lot more forkballs. Even on two strikes, it comes to the middle of the plate and makes contact, whereas before it was a hard hit or a bad swing. I need to push the bench to be more aggressive and take more chances.

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