DK’s coach Choi Cheon-joo revealed his determination for the upcoming T1 match.

On the 25th, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, a confrontation between Nongshim and DK took place in the 2nd week of the 1st round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’.

On this day, DK defeated Nongshim so easily and achieved 3 victories in a row. It was a perfect performance. DK won the match without giving away a single moment of unfavorable flow.

Coach Choi Cheon-ju, who achieved three consecutive victories, said in an interview with Riot’s official winner after the match, “I am happy to have achieved three victories in a row, and the things we did during practice seem to have come out well in the competition. And the players are also getting along well. Positively. I’m looking at you,” he said.

Currently, DK has not lost a single set to the opponent. Regarding this, he confided about the background of the unsilenced set, saying, “First, the players demonstrate their abilities well in the tournament. The second is to prepare for picks and bans while practicing, but as we expected, picks and bans will proceed in the tournament.” 안전놀이터

In the first set, DK presented a surprise pick called Mid Jays. As for the background of the pick, Coach Choi said, “The mid-Jace was a pick that was always prepared. The situation was well-made, so I decided to show the mid-Jace.”

DK’s upcoming schedule is enormous. While facing T1 and Gen.G, coach Choi said, “I will prepare as I always do. Still, I will pay attention to the ban-pick part.”

He continued, “Unlike other teams, T1 prefers the blue camp and has a favorite champion and composition. This is a state that we have figured out to some extent. We will consider this aspect carefully. In the case of Gen.G, since it is next week, we will have a big mountain called T1. I will think about it after passing it.”

Regarding the T1 match and the future spring pattern, he said, “Before the tournament, the teams called strong teams are doing well now. However, there is a match between us and T1, but it is still in the beginning stage, so I think it is too early to decide the pattern.”

In addition, he told the fans, “It’s a good start, but I don’t think it’s overwhelmingly good yet. I think it could slip. I will work hard in silence. Personally, coach ‘Gorilla’ set a good frame for ban-picking and player practice and prepared for ban-picking.” I want to say thank you for doing well.”

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