“He’s a good hitter. I think he has the ability to hit 20 home runs as a shortstop.” key players were selected. He emphasized that the existing main players need to be upgraded, and Lee Jae-won, Song Chan-eui, and Son Ho-young (29) should add to this. He emphasized that only when these players grow can they take care of the rest of the existing players, and sometimes create a right-handed lineup when the opponent starts with a lefty.

Lee Jae-won has already shown his potential as a giant gun, and Song Chan-eui showed a formidable blow in Geelong Korea in the winter following his great performance in last year’s demonstration game. It is natural to have high expectations. In comparison, Son Ho-young’s name may be somewhat surprising. However, coach Yeom said in a confident tone, “Son Ho-young is just as important as the two players.” He said that he could not only cover Oh Ji-hwan’s break time, but also grow into a key player in the team.

Son Ho-young, who was praised as “a shortstop who can hit 20 homers,” looked a bit puzzled. Still, he didn’t feel bad. Son Ho-young said, “I have confidence. I don’t know what will happen, but when I hear that, I feel good, so I think I work harder.”

I was confident, but I was careful with my expression. It seemed that the failures of the past years had made the player more mature. Son Ho-young, who was from an overseas U-turn and was nominated in the 2nd 3rd round (23rd overall) by LG in 2020, but compared to expectations, he has not yet established himself in the first team. In his three seasons with the first team, he only made 67 appearances. It is a sample that is difficult to evaluate how grades are. Son Ho-young also honestly confessed that he felt a ‘wall’ for three years.

Son Ho-young said, “At first, I didn’t know how to look cool and had that kind of thought, ‘I have to start early.’ same,” he admitted. So, this camp is more humble, but I am determined to take on a hotter challenge.

Arizona is the land of opportunity. “It’s been 6 years since I was released (from the Chicago Cubs). With a Korean age, the first digit of my age has changed to ‘3’,” said Son Ho-young with a laugh, “I have a little bit of anticipation. Even thinking about it myself, I feel so good right now. I don’t know if it can be this good. It’s so good that I’m anxious, but after all the demonstration games like this, I feel like I can go all the way to the end.”

The goal has become modest. I didn’t put the word ‘main’ in my mouth. Instead, he said he would do 100% of what the team wanted. Son Ho-young said, “I know Ji-hwan as a backup, but I felt a sense of responsibility. He suggested the first step, saying, “I can’t do it, but my first goal is not to show off when I enter the game.” 바카라사이트

Coincidentally, the mountain you have to climb is the best. This is the part where you can feel Oh Ji-hwan’s ‘big people’ temperament. Son Ho-young also thanked him, saying, “Ji-hwan hyung cares a lot. Last year, I got closer. It seems like I’m having fun training with the hyungs.” They say, ‘I’ll win'” and hoped that it would be a fun year with goals to overcome.

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