Even in the early days of KBL, ‘donation’ was an unfamiliar word to basketball players and fans. However, one basketball player started spreading ‘donation’ into KBL’s culture. This is Jeong In-gyo (former coach at Soongui Girls’ High School) who was called the ‘three-point shooter of love’.
‘Donation’ is a way to return the love received from fans. It is also a way for basketball players and fans to communicate. Jeong In-gyo’s donation had a positive effect in that sense. The same was true of Jeong In-gyo’s life. Because he thought of ‘basketball’ and ‘love’ as the same word.

There were many stars who embroidered the early days of KBL. Jeong In-gyo, who belonged to Wonju Narae, was one of them. He served as the main scorer for Jason Williford-Carle Ray Harris and Narae, and led Narae to the championship match in the first season of the KBL.
In addition, Jeong In-gyo was a representative shooter in the early days of the KBL. However, there is another reason why he received so much attention. This is because he donated 10,000 won to UNICEF for every successful 3-point shot, which earned him the nickname ‘3-point shooter of love’.

When I think of Jeong In-gyo, what comes to mind is ‘3-point shooter of love’.
When professional basketball was born, it gained a lot of popularity. However, Narae, where I was, hadn’t received much support since the days of Korea Development Bank.
However, our wing performed much better than the evaluations around us. I also received a lot of love from the fans. I wanted to repay the fans’ support in some way. So I thought of a way to contribute to society. 바카라
I asked several people for advice. At that time, an acquaintance told me an example of NBA players’ ‘Donation’. I thought that would be a good way. It was a time when there were very few players who donated in domestic sports, and I thought it was something I had to do as a professional player.
I also thought about how. People around me suggested, “How about donating every time you hit a 3-point shot?” Agreed. Even if I’m not good at other things, I’m specialized in 3-point shooting. Fortunately, the performance of the season when I started donating was also good. I think a number of factors fit well together.
It seems that the heyday of ‘player Jeong In-gyo’ was in the days of Wonju Narae. Please look back on that time.
His personal record wasn’t bad even during his Industrial Bank days. Since the 1994-1995 basketball party, we have ranked first in points and three-point shots for two consecutive seasons. But the team was weak, so my record didn’t get much attention. The team also didn’t get a lot of support. When I saw my brother’s unit, I felt envious.
However, as I turned pro, grades and other factors meshed well. In particular, thanks to two good foreign players (Jason Williford-Carl Ray Harris), the defense that was focused on me was dispersed. So I played basketball in a fun and comfortable way.
You decided to retire in 2004.
I was confused even when I was first traded (Jung In-gyo, who belonged to Narae, was traded to Busan Kia along with Jason Williford after the 1997-1998 season). I had a hard time adapting to the team color, so I walked downhill, not downhill, and there was a sense of loss.
However, after a few years of professional life, I felt that ‘professionals are like this’. I also thought, ‘I should have worked harder…’. Also, if I played the central role well in the team, the end would have been beautiful too… It was a pity that I couldn’t.

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