I applaud Disney for not stooping to the potty humor so often found in rated animated movies. Ratatouille is a well-thought-out flick aimed at a family-friendly crowd. The animations are great and for the most part the plot fits well too. It’s the story of a mouse who aspires to be a Parisian chef. While others say it can’t be done because he’s different, Remy holds his dream of becoming a fine dining chef. His famous dish became Ratatouille.

It’s a movie about connecting with your heart’s desires. 스포츠토토 and Anton Ego, a food critic voiced by Peter O’Toole, discovers lost happiness when a dish of Ratatouille reconnects him with happy childhood days. his The bitter and unhappy Anton suddenly remembered his roots and rediscovered his happiness.

Ratatouille is a family friendly movie. But it’s a bit long at about 2 hours with a G rating. Due to the length I rate it a 3 Lloyd.

Live free, die hard

Rated PG-13

not family friendly

3 of 5 Lloyds

My wife describes the best hard movie as she calls it. “Two hours of non-stop running, jumping, jumping Bang-Bang and Ca-boom-boom.”

Sure, this isn’t a family-friendly movie with a PG-13 rating, but this is a typical Die Hard Guy type movie. Another heroic look in the life of Officer John McClane. Also, if you like special effects. But are tired of the latest computer generated special effects that you usually see in movies, you won’t be disappointed because Live or Die is seriously far removed from the standard CGI Faire done live and photographed.

Sometimes that makes the camera quite shaky. But ultimately what some would call a stunt and special effects approach helped push the film over the top into the arena of spectacular effects. When you know they’re going to perform real stunts, the action seems possible.

It’s been 19 years since the first movie died and this is only the fourth. Live Free or Die Hard isn’t a family-friendly movie with a PG-13 rating, but it does have a great message encouraging people to. “Step up and be the one who can help when no one else will.”

Enjoy the show!

Dr. Rus D. Jeffrey is the news director and part of the morning team at 1420 Wack in New York, New York, just outside of Rochester, NY. He also hosts a weekday morning talk show, interviewing numerous guests including prominent government leaders as well as in the entertainment and sports industries. With 15 years of mainstream media broadcasting experience and 15 years of Church ministry experience, Dr. Rus taps into the power of communication across mainstream and Christian boundaries while mainstreaming and maintaining the integrity of the message.

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