The 2nd Red Rose FC, the women’s soccer team of Gyeongnam FC, officially took its first step.

‘Red Rose FC’, which is conducted by 토토사이트순위 Gyeongnam to expand the base of women’s soccer in the province, is a female amateur soccer team operated as part of the club’s social contribution activities following last year. In the second season of Red Rose FC, about 50 people participated in the entrance test and 29 people were selected.

On the 8th, Red Rose FC players gathered together at the Dangam Stadium in Haman Sports Town to conduct their first training session.

Hong Jun-hyeong, head coach, took the lead as the second coach of Red Rose FC, and coaches Lee Moon-seon and Kang Jin-gyu came together to guide female amateur players. He sweated through practice matches, checking the basic skills of the players and their soccer skills such as passing and shooting.

Hwang Yu-jeong, who is in charge of the team’s striker, said, “All of my friends who have enjoyed soccer before or have never played soccer will be able to gather together and sweat together under the name of Red Rose FC and show their unity as a team.” I will train hard and try to enjoy more fun soccer in the upcoming national competition.”

Red Rose FC plans to participate in the 2023 K-League Women’s Soccer Tournament Queen Cup (K-WIN CUP) hosted by the Korea Professional Football Federation, centered on selected personnel.

On the other hand, Gyeongnam plans to show challenges such as Red Rose FC’s selection match and training process through the YouTube channel ‘Go Shoot TV’.

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