T1 and Hanwha Life Esports face off today (2nd). The two teams were expected to build a solid lineup during the Stove League period, but the current situation is completely opposite. T1 is on a winning streak with 4 wins against strong teams such as Dplus Kia and Gen.G eSports. They showed good performances and ban-picks, and are considered one of the current LCK teams in name and reality. On the other hand, Hanwha Life Insurance fell into a swamp of three consecutive losses after winning the first match against the Guangdong Freecs in the LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) 2023 season. The game is also shaking as they are hit by the Liv Sandbox, which was considered a relatively weak team. From the perspective of Hanwha Life Insurance, who was desperate for one win to reverse the atmosphere, they met the worst opponent.

Looking at the current players’ performance, T1’s dominance is predicted. All players in T1 are performing evenly, ranking in the top 3 in terms of KDA in each position. KDA is the number of kills and assists divided by the number of deaths, and the higher it is, the less deaths on average mean that you contribute to catching opponents. In particular, Keria (Ryu Min-seok), a supporter, shows off using long-distance dealer champions such as Caitlyn and Kalista, adding to the difficulty of ban-picking for the opposing team. In the match predictions in progress at Naver eSports, the rate of betting on T1’s victory reached 95%.

However, in the world of sports, there is always the possibility of surprise. If Hanwha Life Insurance writes a winning drama against T1, the starting point is likely to be Jeka (Kim Kun-woo). Overall, this is because the team is showing its best performance even when the performance is low. Even in a situation where the team is sluggish, Jeka is ranked second in the LCK mid-position with 300 POG (Player of the Game) points, which means the player who played the most in the game. This means that out of the four games Hanwha Life has won so far, three of them have been selected as the team’s MVP. 스포츠토토

In the end, it seems that whether Jeka’s spear can penetrate Faker (Lee Sang-hyeok) will determine the difference between victory and defeat. Jeka has 7 solo kills, the most in the LCK this season, even in difficult situations for the team. However, Faker is also a formidable opponent. His KDA is 5.9, ranking first among LCK mid laners. The average death is low at 1.6, and the average number of kills is the highest at 3.8. It is all the more meaningful because it was achieved while performing various roles, such as contributing to team movement with a set or carrying directly with Azir or Kassadin.

In terms of bans and picks, T1 is also likely to keep Jeka in check. In particular, Silas and Akali, which Jeka played an active part in, are highly likely to be banned. Azir’s tier goes up when both champions are banned. This is because Azir, who Faker used 4 times and Zecca 2 times, are both highly skilled champions. So far, Zecca, who has not won any champions other than Silas, Akali, and Taliyah, seems to have a big impact on the match no matter what champion he chooses.

At the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, whether Zecca, who won the championship by defeating Faker, will show off another ‘power show’, or whether Faker, who is showing a perfect team combination and improved individual skills, will succeed in revenge. Noticed.

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