The Hanwha Eagles, looking for their first seven-game winning streak in 18 years, are taking a day off. The ground is wet from the rain. The starting rotation will also be fine-tuned.

The game between Hanwha and KT Wiz, scheduled to take place at the Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 29th, 먹튀검증 was canceled due to rain. Kim Si-jin, the match supervisor, carefully checked the ground conditions. Although the rain stopped at 4 p.m., the field was still wet, especially near the outfield walking track, making it difficult to play quickly. Coach Choi Won-ho said, “I don’t think we can work on the field for one to two hours.”

Hanwha, which came from behind to win 6-4 the previous day, has won six straight games. Their quest for their first seven-game winning streak in 18 years will continue with a three-game series against the Samsung Lions in Daegu this weekend.

The starting order has been changed due to the rainout. Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho said, “The forecast is for rain until the morning after tomorrow. The game could be postponed for three days. We had a meeting yesterday and decided to have Han Seung-ju wait in the bullpen for now. It was too long between games (since June 20 against KIA), so we decided to have him throw in the middle.”

Ricardo Sanchez, who was expected to start on the 29th, will prepare for a one-day game. Choi Won-ho said, “For tomorrow, Moon Dong-ju is ready anyway, so if he plays, he’ll go out, and Sanchez will pitch in the bullpen today and do his conditioning tomorrow and go out on Saturday. Felix Peña, who was scheduled to play on the second day, will also go out.”

The team already has a Plan B in case the 30th game is canceled due to rain. “If tomorrow is also canceled, Sanchez will play on Saturday and Moon Dong-ju on Sunday. Peña will be ready to pitch next Tuesday (against Lotte in Daejeon),” Choi said. Han Seung-hyuk, who started on the 28th, will go in the order after the three players.

It’s not a bad situation for Hanwha. They recently promoted Park Joon-young and Jang Ji-soo to the first team to increase their pitching roster to 15, but only because Pil Seung-jo has been pitching well. Choi Won-ho said, “I rest players who have thrown more than 30 pitches in two days. Kang Jae-min and Park Sang-won, who pitched in the last two games, were scheduled to rest today. We’ll give them a rest, but there’s nothing to be gained by pitching them in that condition and not getting a result.”

Hanwha has been slowly making strides since its early season slump. New foreign hitter Nick Williams went hitless in his first game, but hit two doubles 토토 가입머니 즉시지급 in the 28th. The winning streak has also revitalized the team. It’s also a good feeling for manager Choi Won-ho, who suffered an 18-game losing streak when he was acting manager. “When the news comes out, I can’t help but check (about the winning streak),” Choi said, laughing, “I heard a lot about Sammi Superstars when we lost 18 straight games (in the 2020 season). I came from a Sammi kid fan…” he laughed.

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