The Los Angeles Dodgers have been mentioned as a promising destination for Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels), who will be eligible for free agency after this season.

On the 10th (Korean time), American media CBS Sports introduced four candidates for recruiting Ohtani. While the Los Angeles Dodgers were introduced as the most likely candidates, the New York Mets, San Francisco Giants, and Los Angeles Angels predicted the possibility of Ohtani’s recruitment in that order.

There is still a year left until the acquisition of free agency, but the American media is showing keen interest in Ohtani’s destination. If you recruit Ohtani, who is also a pitcher, you can reinforce both the mound and the batting line at the same time. It is predicted that teams that want to reinforce their power will actively participate in the Ohtani recruitment battle.

The media cited the Dodgers as Ohtani’s leading destination. “The Dodgers have been observing Ohtani since he was an amateur. Just like how they acquired Mookie Betts, it may be possible to acquire Ohtani through a trade and then sign an extension contract,” he said. “The Dodgers have financial power. Ohtani also There is also a desire to make him a Dodgers player,” 토토 he predicted, predicting that the Dodgers would embrace Ohtani.

The next destination was the New York Mets. Owner Steve Cohen predicted that Ohtani would be recruited using his wealth. The media said, “The Mets are a team that is willing to pay the luxury tax. They have a roster that can compete for the World Series crown. .

It is an observation that San Francisco will also aim for Ohtani in the free agent market. In this Stove League, he participated in the recruitment of Aaron Judge and attempted to recruit Carlos Correa. Although it did not actually lead to the signing of the contract, San Francisco showed great interest in strengthening its power. The media mentioned the possibility of San Francisco’s recruitment of Ohtani, saying, “If you bring in a player like Ohtani, you will have a new franchise star.”

His team, the Angels, finished fourth. The media also mentioned the possibility of Ohtani staying with the Angels, saying, “Ohtani has expressed his desire to win the World Series in the meantime. There is no possibility of remaining on a team that has not yet advanced to the postseason. However, the new owner may try to extend the contract with Ohtani.” did.

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