Manchester United have signed striker Gabriel Biancheri, born in 2006. Biancheri, whose birthday is on September 18, is only 16 years old.

On the 30th (Korean time), David Onstein of the sports media ‘The Athletic’ said on social media that ‘Man Utd is planning to sign Cardiff City’s best prospect, Biancheri. The medical test was over over the weekend. He said that when he turns 17 in September, he will sign a long-term professional contract.

Biancherry is a Welsh nationality. According to the Manchester Evening News, Biancheri played a big role in the Wales under-16 national team and ‘jumped’. Biancheri scored 17 goals in 11 matches for the under-16 national team. He made the jump straight to the under-17 national team. 먹튀검증

Biancherries are expected to be Harry Kane style. The Manchester Evening News described Biancheri as ‘a fast, sharp and dynamic forward who can play not only in the number 10 role but also up front’. Like Kane, he is expected to be a hexagonal prospect who has technique, athletic ability, soccer intelligence, and goal-making ability.

The Manchester Evening News reported: ‘This flexibility is a key characteristic Manchester United manager Eric Tenhach looks for when recruiting new players. It is not surprising that Tenhach took the Biancheri.”

According to the Manchester Evening News, Manchester United discovered Biancheri thanks to development coach David Hughes. The Manchester Evening News reported that ‘Hughes was Cardiff City Academy Manager from July 2021 to July 2022. Hughes would have given Manchester United all the information about the Biancherries.”

Of course, it is not the power of the 1st Army right now. You won’t see him in the Premier League until he’s an adult – at least this season.

The British media ‘Express’ reported that ‘Tenhah recruited Wonder Kid to plan for the future. Fans shouldn’t expect the Biancherries to come to the game right away,’ he ordered patience.

Manchester United are currently suffering from a lack of authentic strikers. Marcus Rashford moves from center to flank. Anthony Martial is often injured. They rushed to recruit Boot Behorst, but no one knows if he will stand out as a top goalscorer in the Premier League.

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