According to the team, it completed its roster for the upcoming season by selecting Choi Sung-won, Semi Seguiner, and Jeon Ae-lin at the “2023-24 PBA Team League Draft” event held at the Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on March 23.

The Hawks selected Choi Sung-won with the first pick of the first round of the draft. The Korean 3-cushion phenom is the first world champion in the 메이저놀이터 sport’s 100-year history, having won the World 3-Cushion Championship, the World Team 3-Cushion Championship, and the UMB World No. 1 ranking.

The second round pick was Semi Seigner, nicknamed “Mr. Magic. Semi Seiginer is a top 10 3-cushion player in the world and hails from Turkuye.

The third round pick is Jeon Ae-lin, who won the 2017 Korea Billiards King 3-Cushion title.

The three new members, along with returning players Se-yeon Kim, Javier Palazon, and Bong-cheol Kim, will total six players for the 2023-24 PBA Team League season.

“As a global healthcare company, we created the team with the ambition of spreading our health philosophy and values through billiards,” said Huonce. “We will continue to support the team to achieve good results.”

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