A, who posted an article on the online community warning Kiwoom Heroes pitcher An Woo-jin of a hydrochloric acid attack, was acquitted by the police.

According to a Newsis report on the 27th, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Cybercrime Investigation Unit investigated Mr. A on charges of intimidation, but said that it had decided not to send him because he was not charged.

On November 7 last year, Ahn Woo-jin was threatened with a terrorist attack with hydrochloric acid before starting the 5th game of the Korean Series against SSG Landers.

Mr. A threatened An Woo-jin by posting an article titled ‘Waiting for 2 years to sprinkle hydrochloric acid on An Woo-jin’ on an Internet community this morning.

Accordingly, the club minimized the movement line by moving Ahn Woo-jin in a separate vehicle from the team in case of emergency. Ahn Woo-jin arrived at the baseball field under police escort and performed his selection duties without incident.

The police, who received the report and started tracking, traced back the IP at the time the post was posted and identified Mr. A as a prime suspect and conducted an investigation. However, the police conducted a digital forensic on Mr. A’s cell phone and searched his house, but could not find any clues.

During the police investigation, Mr. A denied the allegations, saying, “I have never posted anything threatening Ahn Woo-jin.” The police could not find any evidence to prove Mr. A’s charges and closed the case.

Meanwhile, Ahn Woo-jin pitched in 30 games last year and completed a career-high season with 15 wins, 8 losses and an ERA of 2.11. He won the title in the most wins and strikeouts (224) category and was honored to win the Golden Glove in the pitcher category. 카지노사이트

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