“It must have hit a sore spot and hurt. You feel bad in the moment, but you can see it’s not intentional and it keeps coming out like that.”

Austin Dean, 30, the LG Twins’ foreign-born outfielder, told the story of the game against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil on Nov. 16, when he was the lone angry player and started clearing the bench. Austin was at the center of a bench-clearing incident in the top of the seventh inning when Yang Seok-hwan batted for Yoo Young-chan. Yang reacted sharply when the ball hit him in a potentially injury-prone area, and catcher Park Dong-won cleared up the misunderstanding by saying it was unintentional.

In Austin’s eyes, Yang’s protest seemed excessive. As soon as the ball was hit, Yoo Young-chan took off his hat and bowed his head to apologize, but when Yang Seok-hwan didn’t accept his apology and instead expressed his displeasure to Park Dong-won, Austin exploded.

Austin said, “Yang Seok-hwan was definitely hit in a sore spot, and it must have hurt. I’ve been there enough times to know that, and I can feel 스포츠토토 bad for him in the moment. “But when you look at the situation, the kid apologized, and you see that it wasn’t intentional, and he keeps coming at you like that, you’re like, ‘What’s going on, I’ve got to get out there and protect my teammate,'” Austin explained.

“But I think I can understand the situation because we’re both baseball players and teammates. I think we should just accept the situation and avoid that attitude as much as possible while also understanding the other player’s position.”

He also acknowledged that his behavior was excessive. “I didn’t know the culture of bench clearing in the KBO, so that’s why it happened. I apologize to Doosan, and I hope they understand and accept my apology. Next time, if bench-clearing happens, I will try not to show my emotions as much as possible. This time, I didn’t know what to do, so I showed a lot of emotion,” he laughed, adding, “The day after the bench clearing, the team explained to me that I didn’t need to be so angry, so I understood. Next time, I’ll be a little different.”

Another notable moment was when fellow foreign pitcher Adam Plutko tried to calm Austin down. Plutko grabbed Austin from behind as he lunged at Doosan players, pulling him away from the bench-clearing crowd to calm him down. It was typical of the second-year KBO player.

“I was running,” Austin said, “and someone was dragging me from behind. I thought, ‘Who’s big enough to drag me?’ I turned around and it was a flotilla, and I thought, ‘That’s good enough to drag me,’ and I got dragged out,” he said, laughing at the story.

While we won’t see Austin fuming in the future, he’ll always have the same enthusiastic attitude on the field. On the 18th, Austin went 3-for-4 with an inside-the-park home run, a walk, and three RBIs in a 15-3 win over Doosan in Jamsil. For the season, he’s batting .317 (80-for-252) with an OPS of .875, nine home runs, and 48 RBIs in 64 games. He could use a few more home runs, but he’s cruising toward becoming the best foreign hitter in LG’s history.

Austin said, “It feels good to end the week on a high note by beating Dusan. Passion has always driven me to play baseball. Coming to LG, I feel like I can feel that passion again. Baseball is played with passion in every country, so it seems to work very well with the team, so I think the passion and fighting spirit will continue to come out,” he said, vowing to keep an eye on the team’s play.

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