The K League 1 is back in action after the Coupang Play Series break. Gangwon FC, which resumes its league schedule on June 6 against Jeju United, currently sits at the bottom of the table with two wins, 10 draws and 12 losses, and 16 points. Nine games remain in the regular round. While the club’s chances of qualifying for the Final A are virtually nil, it is important to secure points in every game from here on out in order to stay up. We will analyze Gangwon FC’s eight signings across all positions in the summer transfer window in three parts, looking at what they need to do to rebound in the second half of the season.

(a) The offense needs to be revitalized

Gangwon FC’s biggest problem 메이저사이트 this season has been their lack of goals. With 15 goals in 24 games, they are the lowest scoring team in the league, 10 goals behind the next lowest scorer, Suwon Samsung (25). Soccer is a sport where you need to score goals to win. The lack of goals is the reason why Gangwon is the least winning team in the league this season.

Gangwon is well aware of this. In the summer transfer window, they brought in four strikers, starting with veteran winger Yoon Il-Rok on loan from Ulsan Hyundai, followed by Brazilian strikers Yago Cariello and Vitor Gabriel, and Brazilian winger Wellington Junior. Despite the departure of Yang Hyun-joon to Celtic in Scotland, the squad was more than adequately reinforced.

Ultimately, the performance of the newcomers will determine the success of Gangwon this season. They joined mid-season and have yet to contribute, but with two weeks off, they’ve had plenty of time to adjust. Now it’s time for them to perform.

In particular, Yago and Gabriel will need to step up to the plate to spearhead the offense. This season, Gangwon have an expected goal value of 21.42, but have only scored 12 goals, excluding penalties and own goals. The ratio of expected goals to actual goals is only 0.56. This is one of the lowest in K League 1, indicating a lack of goal-scoring quality. The strikers, Yago and Gabriel, need to be more decisive in their chances.

The distribution of the existing strikers is also important. Kangwon lacked decisiveness, but they also didn’t create enough scoring chances. Their goal expectancy is the lowest in K League 1. Ace Kim Dae-won, who has been in a slump this season, and Brazilian winger Gallego need to create more chances. With their relatively weak power, Gangwon needs to capitalize on counterattack situations, and concise play is key. Kim Dae-won and Gallego have been holding onto the ball for too long this season and need to be more concise.

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