Oh Ban-seok and Lee Myung-joo lead the Incheon United squad.

Incheon announced on the 13th that it had appointed Oh Ban-seok and Lee Myung-joo as captain and vice-captain to lead the 2023 season team, respectively.

Incheon coach Cho Seong-hwan explained, “Following the 2022 season, we plan to make the team stronger this season through the leadership of Oh Ban-seok.”

In particular, regarding the appointment of vice-captain Lee Myung-joo, “I believe that it will serve as a bridge between the coaching staff and the players while having a good influence on the players. Both the captain and vice-captain are players who can bring the team together by setting an example in all aspects of life, including the stadium and training ground,” he said.

Oh Ban-seok said, “I think I need to make the team stronger as captain in order to achieve better results than last year. Through this, I want to contribute to the good performance of the team. As many good players have joined, I think the expectations of the fans for the new season have also increased. We will prepare well to meet the expectations of our fans.”

Lee Myung-joo, who was appointed as the new vice-captain for the 2023 season, said, “I will set an example from myself to help the captain and unite the team. As vice-captain, I want to show that Incheon has become stronger by continuing to emphasize the winning mentality to the team.” 메이저사이트

Meanwhile, the Incheon team is preparing for the new season by leaving for field training in Chiang Mai, Thailand from the 3rd.

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