It was found that the average age of the Toronto Blue Jays roster, which Ryu Hyun-jin joined, is 4th overall in the Major League (안전놀이터).

The Jace Journal reported on the 4th (Korean time) that the average age of Toronto roster rose to 29.7 when 36-year-old Ryu Hyun-jin returned. “Suddenly, we became an old team,” he said.

This is 4th overall in MLB.

When shortstops Paul De Yong (30) and Chad Green (32), who were added by trade, return, the average age goes up.

The 26-man roster’s 30+ players include Brandon Belt and Jay Jackson (age 35), Whitt Merrillfield and Chris Bassit (age 34), George Springer (turning 34 in September), and Kevin Kiermeier (age 33). ), Kikuchi Yusei and Kevin Gausman (32 years old) and others.

Toronto currently sits in third place in the American League East Division. The average ages of the Baltimore Orioles and the Tampa Bay Rays, who placed first and second, are 27.8 and 28.5, respectively.

Baltimore’s Competitive Balance Tax (CBT) salary this season is the second lowest among 30 teams at $93 million. Tampa Bay has the eighth lowest at $130 million. Toronto is estimated at $251.5 million, the sixth highest, according to the Jace Journal.

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