Kudron, Zapata, Jo Jae-ho, Mamincalm, Martinez, Wimaz, and Kang Min-goo, along with Kang Dong-gung, Kim Jae-geun, and Shin Jeong-ju all made it to the round of 64.

However, in the round of 128 of the ‘2023 Crown Haitai PBA Championship’ held on the 3rd (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center), the two champions, Jaeho Jo and Wimarz, had a hard time with Youngwon Kim and Yongsu Kim, who were tied for 129th.

Both of them went to the game and barely won by one stroke.

Even after winning the first and second sets, Cho Jae-ho was chased by 15-year-old Kim Young-won and went to a match. Thanks to Zhong, we finished 2:1 in the 2nd inning of the match. Jo Jae-ho competes with Lim Jun-hyeok for the round of 32.

Wimaz struggled by giving the 2nd set to Kim Yong-soo, who was six years old. They barely caught up in the 3rd and 4th sets, and won by one stroke after a strategy of overtaking the first. 안전놀이터

Wimarz will play in the round of 64 against Kim Tae-gwan, the younger brother of Kim Haeng-jik, the runner-up of the Wonju World 3-Cushion Grand Prix. Kim Tae-gwan defeated Kim Nam-soo with a match-up and advanced to the round of 64 for the second consecutive time.

Kim Byeong-ho also competed with Kudron for the round of 32. It is embarrassing because he is the strongest champion to meet at the crossroads of relegation. Kim Byung-ho met Kudron in the round of 64 at the Huons tournament and lost 0-3.

It was three years ago that Kudron won the championship. At that time, he won the semifinals of the wellbang competition, advanced to the finals, and even won the championship.

If you win, next is Kasidocostas. Kasido Costas, who defeated Yang Gyo-cheon 3-0, will play Jeong Gyeong-seop in the round of 64.

Kudron and Kasido Costas could have an early round of 32 fight.

Kim Jae-geun, who overpowered ‘Yeogoejeon older brother’ Kim Hyeon-seok, fights Chan Chapak, who defeated Choi Jun-ho 3-0, and Kang Dong-gung fights Kang Seung-yong.

Min-goo Kang, the champion of the previous tournament, will meet Deuk-hee Hwang, a legend of the Asian Games, and Hyun-min Seo will meet Seong-gyun Lim, a young blood, in the round of 64.

Shin Jeong-ju competes with Zapata for supremacy. Shin Jeong-ju missed the last tournament due to an injury, but surprisingly, the feel of the shot seemed good. Shin Jeong-ju defeated Kim Won-seop and Zapata defeated Song In-deok 3-0.

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