Until recently, the club with which Kim Min-jae was most strongly linked was Manchester United. Man Utd, who started rebuilding under manager Eric Ten Hag, are currently in 4th place in the league. Lifting trophies this season is even better, but next season is Manchester United’s real goal. Kim Min-jae was caught on the radar of Manchester United, which is trying to recruit additional players with proven skills for the depth of the squad.

토토사이트 In Italy, there was also talk that Manchester United and Kim Min-jae had started negotiations. Italy’s Corriere Dello Sport reported that Man Utd sat at the negotiating table with Kim Min-jae and would pay 50 million euros (approximately 67 billion won), known as Kim Min-jae’s buyout, without hesitation. Min-jae Kim’s buyout clause is valid for 15 days from July 1st, and Manchester United seem to be aiming for it. Napoli is attempting to increase the buyout amount through contract renewal negotiations with Kim Min-jae to prevent interest from other teams, including Man Utd.

Besides Manchester United, it seems that there are other clubs interested in Kim Min-jae. Like Manchester United, which is even trying to negotiate, the interest is not specific, and the name of the club is mentioned.

Italy’s ‘Calcio Napoli’ explained the recent transfer rumor of Kim Min-jae, citing a report by reporter Fabio Mandarini of ‘Corriere dello Sport’, saying, “There are the best clubs ready to seduce Kim Min-jae.”

Reporter Mandarini said, “Napoli is trying to raise the amount to 65 million euros (approximately 87.1 billion won) by adjusting Kim Min-jae’s annual salary and buyout clause. It’s showing, but the player will want to stay in the team. Kim Min-jae wants to continue playing in Napoli’s championship project,” he said, in addition to Manchester United, PSG are interested in signing Kim Min-jae.

PSG is the club representing Ligue 1 in France, and it is a club that wins the league title close to every season. However, compared to Italy’s Serie A, where Napoli is located, the level of Ligue 1 is evaluated to be slightly inferior. Napoli is also close to winning the league this season, so there seems to be no reason for Kim Min-jae to be greedy for PSG transfer right away.

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