My fingertips were burning and hot. They emphasized their strengths and overcame adversity to face a better future.

Korea Investment & Finance Holding defeated Goyang City Hall 79-52 on Tuesday in the Group 2 Group B standings game of the EVISU SPORTS Bae 2023 The K Workplace Basketball League ( at a gymnasium near Gwanak-gu, Seoul, as Choi Jae-ho (30 points, 24 rebounds, four assists, four steals) dominated under the basket and captain Son Jin-woo (24 points, four rebounds, four assists, eight 3-pointers) was fiery from the outside,

captain Son Jin-woo got rid of all his heartache. He let the flames burn freely and showed off his peak performance. If he didn’t run out of energy in the fourth quarter, he could have rewritten the history of three-point shooting in The K Workplace Basketball League. Choi Jae-ho was in full bloom, and Lee Sang-seop (3 points, 8 rebounds) added to the effort. Kim Sung-hyun (6 points, 2 3-pointers) bounced back from the injury he suffered in the last game, while ace Cho Chan-hyung (16 points, 10 assists, 4 rebounds, 3 3-pointers) filled in for the absent Kim Jin-min.

For Goyang, Park Jung-hee (16 points, 8 rebounds) and Jang Young-joon (14 points, 10 rebounds) were all over the place inside and out, while Hwang In-sung (6 points, 4 assists, 2 3-pointers) contributed from beyond the 3-point line. Kim Dong-gun (8 points, 7 rebounds), Kim Tae-hwan (4 points, 5 rebounds), Son Jong-rak (4 points, 5 rebounds), and Lee Ji-yong (4 points, 5 rebounds) worked hard to ease the burden on their teammates’ shoulders.

KFI came out firing from the start. Choi Jae-ho led the way, relentlessly driving to the basket, scoring and pulling down rebounds. He led the team with 16 points in the first quarter alone. Son Jin-woo drained three three-pointers to add to his flair, and Cho Chan-hyung kept passing the ball in sync with his teammates’ movements. Together, the cogs clicked and the offense exploded for a whopping 33 points in the first quarter alone.

Goyang City Hall did not stand still. Park Jung-hee and Jang Young-joon were active on the offensive end, scoring inside and out. Kim Dong-gun also contributed to the effort by diving relentlessly under the basket. However, their defense collapsed and they conceded back-to-back goals to close the gap.

It wasn’t the end of the story for Korea Investment Finance Holding. Choi Jae-ho was active in the rebounding battle and repeatedly scored. Son Jin-woo, along with Kim Sung-hyun, hit back-to-back three-pointers to ease the pressure. Lee Sang-seop also assisted Choi Jae-ho and drove to the basket to give his teammates a boost.

In the second half, Goyang City Hall came out strong. Hwang In-sung hit a three-pointer, while Son Jong-rak, Kim Dong-gun, and Jang Young-joon found gaps in the defense. Kim Tae-hwan and Lee Ji-yong also did their part, filling in for the rested Park Jung-hee.

Korea Investment & Financial Holdings did not stand idly by. Cho Chan-hyung, who had been focusing on keeping his teammates alive, stepped up to the plate. He joined Choi Jae-ho in the rebounding battle and improved his shooting by hitting three three-pointers in the third quarter alone. Choi focused on screens to make it easier for shooters like Cho, Kim Sung-hyun, and Son Jin-woo to shoot, and he also took the pressure off his shoulders by pulling down offensive rebounds.

In the fourth quarter, KFI took the lead. Choi Jae-ho drove to the basket relentlessly and Son Jin-woo hit a three-pointer. Cho Chan-hyung was unable to score due to physical exhaustion, but he showed off his passing skills to help his teammates score.

After Goyang consolidated its defense, Park Jung-hee and Jang Young-joon scored fastbreak points to pull away. Kim Dong-gun and Kim Tae-hwan also joined Son Jong-rak, who was on the bench during the break, in protecting the goal. However, there wasn’t enough time to close the gap. KFI held off the opposition for the remainder of the game to secure a valuable victory.

Meanwhile, the EVISU SPORTS 메이저놀이터 MATCH MVP of the game was Son Jin-woo, the captain of Korea Investment & Financial Holdings, who poured in 24 points, including eight three-pointers. “I was actually really worried,” he said. We didn’t have enough players, and (Kim) Sung-hyun injured his ankle in the last game, so we didn’t have the same movement as before,” he said, adding, “We played without substitutes and used up less energy. We tried to solve the game by shooting to avoid injury and play without fouling out, but overall, (Choi) Jae-ho and (Lee) Sang-seop did a good job of rebounding, which made it easier for us,” he said.

Son Jin-woo was frustrated that his shooting percentage hadn’t been as good as it was before this tournament. “I was nervous when the first shot went in, but when I made the second one in a row, I realized that I was going to be okay today. Before the game, (Cho) Chan-hyung said he would give me a lot of balls, and (Kim) Sung-hyun said he would play his share, so I renewed my mindset.”

“I’ve been struggling with my shots. I had a dinner with the new players about two weeks ago, and the teammates criticized me as if they were waiting for me, saying, ‘Hyung, you’re not making enough shots. I wasn’t stressed because it didn’t seem to be going in as well as it used to, but I was just worried that my shoulder was hurting and I thought it wasn’t going in as well as it used to, so I was wondering if I should change my shooting stance. Fortunately, I think I embarrassed myself by going in well today. I think I made about eight shots today, but if I had known about the record beforehand, I would have focused a little more,” she said.

Korea Investment & Finance Holding has added a number of new players to its roster ahead of the tournament, including Cho Chan-hyung, Choi Jae-ho, Kim Sung-hyun, and Lee Sang-seop, and they have been performing well. “Overall, it’s a fresh start,” he said. I think it’s time for me, (Kim) Jin-min, and the new players to let go,” he said. “We haven’t been able to promote ourselves properly for about four years. We plan to use this tournament as an opportunity to promote ourselves, recruit new members to increase the number of members, and regularly rent gyms to train.”

“We still need to improve our teamwork. “The good news is that some of the new players were already familiar with each other, so the transition period was shortened. For the rest of the new players, we will try to identify their personalities and integrate them into the team. I think it will get better over time,” he said, adding that it will help them adjust smoothly.

Korea Investment Financial Holdings was pleased with the win. “We didn’t play as well as we wanted to during the qualifiers. This is because we aim to win every time we participate in a competition. It was unfortunate that we lost against POLICE during the qualifiers. We lost (Choi) Jae-ho in the middle of the game, and (Cho) Chan-hyung was not feeling well, so we struggled. I was more disappointed because I thought we could have won if we had pushed a little harder, but we won the rest of the games, so I think the result was good,” he said about his previous matches.

“At first, we were awkward, but as time went by, we got more comfortable and bonded with each other through various processes such as dinner parties,” he said. “Although they are a strong team, I think it’s worth trying if all the players are available. The first thing is to check the number of people available. We have to take care of our injuries, prepare well, and since it’s the last game of the tournament, we’ll try to do our best and have fun. Personally, if my shots go in like they did today, I think I can show a good result,” he said.

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