The key word symbolizing Korean baseball, which is challenging the semifinals in this year’s World Baseball Classic (WBC), is ‘a sense of mission’.

The KBO Secretariat and 10 professional clubs came together with a desperate determination to recover the international competitiveness that had fallen to the ground in this tournament and carry that heat to the KBO League.

The WBC Technical Committee, which selects the WBC representative players, announced the final list of 30 players on the 4th.

Only first baseman Ji-man Choi (32, Pittsburgh Pirates), who underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment from his right elbow, has to wait until the end to join, but the other 29 are certain.

The fact that the final entry, which was originally released on February 9 (Korean time), was announced in a hurry for more than a month is to instill a sense of responsibility to the players.

According to the KBO Secretariat on the 5th, the WBC Organizing Committee initially notified 20 participating countries to submit a preliminary entry of 35 on January 6, and then announced again to revise and submit it to 50 at the end of last year.

The KBO Secretariat and the WBC Technical Committee, which submitted a list of 50 ‘players of interest’ to the WBC Organizing Committee in November of last year, judged that it was meaningless to narrow down to 35 after selecting another 50, so decided to confirm and disclose the final 30 entries. turned to

Currently, Korea is the only country that has announced the final entry among the 20 participating countries.

As the representative was selected earlier than other countries, the players who were honored with the Taegeuk mark had the homework to improve their physical condition in time for the start of the entire national team training in mid-February.

The fact that Korean baseball 메이저놀이터 is facing a crisis is well known not only to clubs, media and fans, but also to players.

After declaring ‘all-in’ to regain the trust of fans by promoting the WBC, the representative players are expected to feel a greater sense of mission for the revival of Korean baseball and prepare for the tournament.

After adjusting their pace at their professional team’s spring camp,메이저놀이터 the representative players will gather at the Keno Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona on February 15 to train for the WBC for 12 days until the 27th.

The three teams of kt wiz, NC Dinos, and KIA Tigers, which are the teams of head coach Lee Kang-cheol, who lead the national team, are scheduled to hold a spring camp in Tucson.

Here, the LG Twins volunteered to be the sparring partners of the national team.

Head coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, who served as the WBC Technical Committee and became LG’s new coach at the end of last year, first proposed to the KBO secretariat that he would like to play a practice game with the WBC team.

LG will hold winter training in Scottsdale, Arizona, a two-hour drive from Tucson.

It was not easy to come to Tucson to play a practice game because it was a 4-hour round trip by car, but LG took the lead with a ‘responsibility’ to help the national team quickly enter the real game mode.

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