The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) will remove the ban on players who transfer by trade in the future. 바카라사이트

On the 3rd, KOVO announced its position regarding the content of the trade agreement between GS Caltex and Pepper Savings Bank Oh Ji-young.

The Federation said, “The contents of the trade agreement between the two clubs apply to Articles 74 and 93 to 96 of the Korea Volleyball Federation Rules, which are transfer-related regulations, and under the confirmation that there are no regulations limiting the banning of transfer players in these provisions, the first “As a result of requesting an authoritative interpretation from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for an accurate judgment on the basic rights and fairness of the players, it is believed that the rights and interests of the players are violated or there are elements that hinder fair competition between clubs, so it is recommended to prepare a system improvement plan.” received an answer,” he said.

However, he said that it is difficult to apply retroactively to Oh Ji-young. “Based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to prepare an authoritative interpretation and institutional improvement plan, after the end of the season, we discussed with 14 men’s and women’s clubs to supplement and supplement related regulations in the direction of protecting players’ rights and interests and fair competition between clubs. We will look for improvements,” he added.

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