According to reporter Brad Turner of the 『Los Angeles Times』, on the 1st (Korean time), the Lakers announced that they had signed a contract with Killer Cam ‘Cameron Reddish (Forward-Guard, 201cm, 98kg).

The Lakers signed Reddish to a two-year, $4.63 million contract. It is a contract with a player option in the final year of the contract, and the Lakers 안전토토사이트 caught him with the lowest salary. The Lakers strengthened their outer power with this contract. He thickened the swing man lineup by taking him for the lowest salary.

Redish played for the New York Knicks and Portland Trail Blazers last season. In 40 games, he posted 9.7 points (.446 .313 .853), 2.2 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 1 steal in 24.8 minutes per game. After a bit of a hiatus in New York, he was traded and guaranteed more opportunities in Portland. However, his overall performance was still disappointing. His future plans were also very unclear.

However, when the transfer window opened, news broke that the Lakers were interested. Because he needed a forward to support LeBron James. The Lakers chose Reddish. While signing his rookie contract, he showed a disappointing aspect compared to the value of his name or expectations, but he is still a young player and can become a scorer if necessary. His addition, which added a sense of stability, strengthened the outer camp.

Subsequently, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Lakers had also signed Jackson Hayes (center-forward, 213cm, 100kg). He is on a two-year contract with a player option in the final year of his contract. Considering that the details of the contract are not known, it is inferred that it will be the lowest salary as with Reddish. The Lakers filled Reddish and Hayes with the lowest salary, filling them up more effectively inside and outside.

Hayes played for the New Orleans Pelicans last season. Like Reddish, who entered the NBA through the 2019 draft, he failed to secure an extension prior to last season. He became a restricted free agent after the season, but did not receive significant attention. Unlike his previous season, he was somewhat stagnant last season. It was decisive that the opportunity to participate was reduced.

He appeared in 47 games last season. He averaged 13 minutes playing, averaging 5 points (.551 .103 .699) and 2.8 rebounds. He played 20 minutes per game in 70 games in the 2021-2022 season, but was pushed out of competition last season. Despite the fact that Zion Williamson has been sidelined with an injury, he has not been a major player. In the end, he, who was expected to break up, was called up by the Lakers this time.

According to Turner, Lakers executives are reportedly hoping for the role of Dwight Howard, who played a role in the rotation as a backup center for Hayes last season in the 2019-2020 season. Unlike that time, it is assumed that Davis was selected as a backup center as long as Davis can rest or play together when Anthony Davis has to step out as the starting center or when Hayes is intermittently present.

Meanwhile, the Lakers have all renewed Austin Reeves (four years, $56 million), D’Angelo Russell (two years, $37 million), and Rui Hachimura (three years, $51 million) this summer. Reeves and Russell turned on the blue light to maintain their finances by signing contracts on terms that were lower than originally expected. He continued his existing power by holding on to Hachimura at an appropriate price.

In addition, the Lakers quickly filled the bench, adding Gabe Vincent ($34 million over three years), Reddish, Thorin Prince ($4.5 million over one year), and Hayes from the outside. Good use of exceptions. It all happened within two days, starting with the Prince contract, and the Lakers management’s quick move stood out. As a result, it has clearly achieved its intended purpose, from strengthening its military power to maintaining its finances.

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