News has arrived at Lotte, a professional baseball team that is engaged in a tight ranking fight. “Lucky” Ahn Kwon-soo, who led Lotte’s onslaught early in the season, and Ko Seung-min, who played as a yardstick in and out, are quickly turning his return clock after overcoming his painful injury. This is good news that Lotte’s loose outfield has been waiting for.

Ahn Kwon-soo was Lotte’s hit product 꽁머니지급 and luck this season. The Korean-Japanese third-generation man continued his life in Korea holding Lotte’s hand after being released from Doosan last season. As soon as he joined, he showed off his hot bat. In April, he led the attack with a batting average of 0.318 (27 hits in 85 at-bats), 10 points, and 12 RBIs in 22 games. The team also gained momentum. He spent his first April brilliantly as the sole No. 1 player with nine consecutive wins in 15 years.

At this time, an unexpected injury came. He complained of pain with a bone fragment moving around inside his right elbow. If surgery is performed, organ withdrawal is inevitable. He tried his best to hold onto his sore arm, but failed to avoid a drop in grades, and eventually decided to remove bone fragments on June 6. The rehabilitation period alone was expected to be nearly three months.

There’s a twist. The road is serious. The possibility of returning in early August, not far from the start of the second half, was raised. Lotte manager Larry Sutton said in an interview ahead of the Gwangju KIA match on the 28th, “The rehabilitation process is faster than the schedule (initially). “I recovered well,” he said. He then said, “There is a possibility that after playing the necessary at-bat in the second division from that day, the call-up to the first division will be prepared as early as next week.”

Ko Seung-min added good news. He was diagnosed with a ruptured left thumb ligament while attempting to slide the head first base against Hanwha in Daejeon on the 6th and was diagnosed for four weeks, and his return is not far away. Coach Sutton said, “Ko Seung-min is now starting training. The timing of his return is a little later than Ahn Kwon-soo. However, he is also likely to be called up sometime next week,” he left room.

Ko Seung-min added to his Altoran performance with a batting average of 0.316 in 92 games last year. This year, he went back and forth between the first base and the outfield to fill the gap. His batting average is 0.242, which is lower than last year, but he was an energy source that revitalized offense and defense by adding seven steals.

As the possibility of the two returning increases, Lotte’s outfield will be able to breathe. On the 28th, Hwang Sung-bin was removed from the first division due to his recently slowed batting pace, and there were virtually only three outfielders. Jeon Joon-woo, who solidified his image as a designated hitter this year, and Nico Goodrum, a utility resource inside and outside, could temporarily fill their positions, but additional resources were needed for solid depth. Just in time, the waiting faces are ready. Lotte is ready to fight back again.

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