Will Mason Greenwood, who is stretching himself, start his official career?

Greenwood was recently cleared of sexual assault charges. Greenwood went downhill as a footballer at the young age of 21. He was arrested on charges of rape and assault in January of last year, and later charged with sexual assault and death threats. United immediately removed Greenwood from the team. Colleagues, of course, turned their backs on sponsors. The crime seemed to end Greenwood’s career as a player. 바카라

But a twist happened. All criminal charges against Greenwood were recently dropped. That is, the final decision was made that he was not guilty. Things change, and all eyes are on whether Greenwood will return. He’s a definite greenwood when it comes to talent. He has already scored 35 goals in the English Premier League and has been named to the England national team.

First of all, Man United is struggling. Colleagues are showing strong reluctance to join Greenwood. Manchester United’s leadership has even had face-to-face meetings with Greenwood, but they have not yet come to a conclusion. While his appearance this season is difficult, his overseas loan is also being discussed. Even the K-League, where the transfer market has not yet been closed, has been mentioned.

In this situation, on the 3rd (Korean time), The Athletic reported, ‘If Greenwood re-enters the first team squad, he may hold a return ceremony through a TV interview.’ An official from the club said, “Man Utd is considering extensive rehabilitation of Greenwood. We are talking about counseling and treatment as well as giving him a chance to explain his situation through TV interviews.” As Greenwood is about to give birth recently, she wants a quick comeback.

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