Manchester City are on the brink of FFP disciplinary action. The English Premier League Secretariat said through an official channel, “Man City did not provide accurate information to determine the club’s financial status, including sponsorship revenue and management costs, so it was referred to an independent committee.” Manchester City are accused of violating more than 100 fiscal rules between 2009 and 2018.

If this fact is confirmed, fines as well as deduction of victory points and up to expulsion may be imposed. Man City also made a statement and said, “I was surprised to see the vast amount of data provided by the EPL. It is welcome that an independent committee has begun to consider this matter. I hope that this matter will be completely resolved,” he claimed innocence. 메이저사이트

When Mourinho heard this, he raised the level of his criticism. When I was in command of the EPL in the past, I have experience facing Manchester City several times. “In any case, it would be a disgraceful decision,” Mourinho said. If Manchester City are in breach of FFP, all activity must be banned. “Of course, I am not the one who can judge and decide whether they are innocent or guilty. It’s just criticism,” he said.

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