Juventus sighs. I want to renew the contract with French national team midfielder Adrian Rabiot (27), but a big mountain is in the way. It is because of her mother and agent Veronique Rabiot.

Italy’s Calciomercato reported that “Juventus will be negotiating a renewal contract with Ravio.”

Rabiot left Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for Juventus in the summer of 2019. He has been playing a key role this season, appearing in 19 official matches. His contract ends this summer.

Rabio heated up the transfer market last summer. In particular, Manchester United, who dreamed of strengthening the midfield, actively stepped forward, and news came out that they had agreed to 20 million euros (26.7 billion won) with Juventus. However, the final negotiations broke down when Veronique insisted on raising Rabiot’s salary. After that, he was connected to PSG, but his return was canceled.

토토사이트 Even in a situation where a new challenge has failed, Rabiot is playing well at Juventus.

According to the media, his whereabouts have been a concern for a long time. Juventus are planning to negotiate a contract extension. It is a will not to send out the main forces for free (free contract) because it is financially difficult.

The problem is Veronique. The media said Juventus’ negotiations would be difficult. In the past, Veronique stuck out his tongue, saying that the conditions he demanded from the club were so difficult that his relationship with PSG was strained.

Another clear fact is that Veronique did not forget the fact that he tried to sell his son last summer (Juventus move). He’s not on bad terms with Juventus, but he’s sure he won’t step down easily.

Rabio himself said that after failing to transfer, he continued to yearn for new challenges. Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG are reportedly interested.

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