Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) is the most 안전놀이터 popular player in the Major League this season. With his outstanding performance in pitching and hitting, he seems to have already confirmed his league MVP award. However, it ranks second in Major League Baseball uniform sales.

ESPN released the ranking of uniform sales in the first half of the 2023 season announced by Major League Baseball on the 11th (Korea Standard Time). Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta), who received the most votes in the National League in the All-Star fan vote, ranked first, and Otani, who played in the All-Star Game for three consecutive years, was second.

Akuna Jr. and Otani are considered the top MVPs in the National League and the American League. Acuna Jr. has a batting average of .331 (2nd), 21 home runs (8th), 55 RBIs, 79 runs scored (1st), and 41 steals (1st) in 89 games.It has a record of 990 (1st place).

Otani is a batter with a batting average of .32 (6th), 32 home runs (1st), 71 RBIs (2nd), 63 runs (3rd), and 11 steals (OPS 1.050 (1st) in 89 games. In addition, he has 7 wins and 4 losses in 17 games with a 3.32 ERA and 132 strikeouts.

ESPN said, “Akuna Jr. was the No. 1 player in uniform sales, beating Otani. “It is the first time that an Atlanta player has topped the list since he ranked uniform sales since the 2010 season,” he said.

Fernando Tanis Jr. (San Diego), who returned after being suspended for 80 games last year for taking banned drugs, is in third place. Aaron Judge (New York Yankees), who is absent due to a toe injury, came in fourth and Jose Altuve (Houston) came in fifth.

Mookie Betts (LA Dodgers), Julio Rodriguez (Seattle), Matt Olson (Atlanta), Alex Bregman (Houston), and Mike Trout (LA Angels) ranked 6th to 10th.

ESPN said, “Of the top 20 best-selling uniform players, 14 will play in the All-Star Game. Atlanta included four players in the top 20, including Austin Riley (11th) and Ajie Albies (12th). Houston and LA Dodgers were included three each. Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers) was in 20th place

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