NC pitcher Choi Sung-young, who was hit in the face by a pitch, avoided the worst. He will recover through natural healing without surgery.

Before the game against LG at Changwon NC Park on Nov. 21, manager Kang Myung-ho explained the injury status of Choi 메이저사이트 Sung-young, who was hit in the face by a pitch the day before. Kang said, “It’s a good thing. He has three fractures, but after cross-checking with two hospitals, they said he doesn’t need surgery. He needs to rest for four to six weeks to heal naturally. After that, we’ll have to see how he recovers to know when he’ll be back.”

When Kang saw the footage of Choi’s injury the day before, he was worried. “The moment he was hit, I was worried that it was a serious injury. I’ve seen Choi Sang-duk, Kim Won-hyung, and Kim Myung-shin at Doosan get hit by balls in the past, so it’s a good thing he didn’t need surgery,” Kang said.

Choi was hit in the face by a bullet-like pitch from leadoff hitter Moon Bo-kyung in the third inning of the 20th game against LG. The ball bounced toward the second baseman, who caught it and threw to first for the out.

After collapsing on the mound, Choi was unable to get up for a while, and an ambulance pulled up to the field. The trainer checked his condition, and fortunately,토토 가입머니 Choi was able to get up and get into the ambulance himself and was taken to the hospital.

An NC team official said, “Choi Sung-young was hit in the left cheekbone and was substituted. He will be taken to the hospital for a checkup.” Later, a hospital examination revealed a fracture in the left orbit. “We will conduct further tests and decide whether or not to operate due to a fracture in the left orbital area,” the NC team official said.

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