On the 16th, Salernitana, an Italian Serie A team, lost 2-8 in an away match against Atalanta. It was a really absurd defeat, conceding 5 goals in the first half alone.

It was a match between Atalanta, 6th in the league, and Salernitana, 16th in the league, so Atlant’s victory was predicted. However, it collapsed in vain, conceding a whopping 8 goals.

Then Salernitana team president Danilo Hierbolino immediately sacked coach Davide Nicola. It was the responsibility of the planner.

Of course, they asked about the sluggishness of 1 draw and 4 losses without winning a single game in the last 5 matches. Speaking of 16th place in the league, it seems that shock therapy was used because it was a result that could be eliminated in the second division if done wrong.

However, Nicola, who was fired, revived dramatically in two days. Somehow, president Hierbolino dismissed Nicola’s sacking and put him back on the bench.

According to the British Daily Star, despite a crushing defeat in the match on the 16th, 49-year-old coach Nicola was fired for the poor performance.

The Daily Star defended the dismissal as a matter of course, but added that within 48 hours, the club president had rehired Nicola.

President Hierbolino singled out two candidates, Rafa Benitez and Leonardo Semplic, to succeed Nicola.

However, the two declined the directorship after meeting with the chairman. The press says they haven’t reached an agreement on the contract.

It is said that when his plan collapsed, he had no choice but to call manager Nicola, who had been fired, and contact him to take over as manager again.

Director Nicola posted this process on his social media. He said, “I will tell you the truth. Yesterday I received a phone call from President Hierbolino,” he said. “In his always lovely and friendly way, he explained to me the reason for the painful decision he had to make after the defeat to Atalanta in Bergamo.”

He continued, “I apologize for the fact that I suffered a major defeat due to poor performance. I believe in this team, in the players and in this great club.”

Coach Nicola went on to praise the president, saying, “I love the team and believe in the will of the president. He has always given us the passion, character and desire to reach impossible goals.” 토토사이트

Lastly, coach Nicola said, “I thank the president for calling me back. I want to repay his trust with all my might.”

Salernitana is currently in 16th place, nine points clear of the relegation zone.

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