Rookie-Jackie Love, who held a ‘return celebration party’ for Ning-Baolan, who had been together at iG in the past, will visit their parent team iG this time.

TES-iG and TT-WBG face each other at the 2023 LPL Spring Match, which will be held at the Hongqiao Tendi Culture and Arts Center in Shanghai, China on the 14th at 6pm.

TES-iG ‘Rookie-Jackie’s visit to her parents’ house

Rookie-Jackie sets foot on the land of her former glory.

TES, which Rookie-Jackie Love belongs to, is considered one of the top 3 teams in the league. Due to the uncertainty of the top line, there is an evaluation that it is weaker than Jingdong Gaming and Weibo Gaming, but no one can give a clear reason.

Of course, iG, which confronts this, is no less than TES. Leading by top laner YSKM, who virtually held the rookie award, iG is showing its strongest momentum this season.

In particular, the bottom line, which was evaluated as a weakness, is showing a scary momentum. Beyond the ruler, all of the laners showed outstanding skills, with Ahn, who was selected as the ‘distance dealer of the week’.

However, so far it has been just the beginning. iG’s matchup is AL-RNG (Tangyuan-Bunny version)-EDG-TT-LGD-FPX. AL-LGD has already been used, and all are weak except for TT and EDG. Although TT is not a weak team, the winning streak was also broken for TT, who played a well-prepared game.

Of course, the TT match can be said to be an ‘accident’. But now is the time for the real proof. Rookie and Jackie are undeniably the best laners in the league. 먹튀검증

If you can’t stand two people, there is no top rank. Even that rookie failed to win the championship despite raising V5 to the top of the LPL last season, and Jackie Love also failed to win the league twice with TES with only one set difference. Even though the two of them were in harmony this season, they lost to Weibo Gaming and announced a little uneasy start. In other words, in order for iG to rise to the top of the LPL, which is lined with strong players, it has to go through the ‘rite of passage’ of rookie-Jackie.

It may not have much to do with the game, but another point to watch is the top line. Qingtian, who is regarded as the only, if only, and only uneasy factor in TES, is being compared to his predecessor, Counter-Strike-Global Offensive (CS-GO) expert ‘Way Ward’ Renxing Huang, even though he has no major game-changing mistakes.

It remains to be seen whether Qingtian will overwhelm YSKM and break the question mark towards him, or whether YSKM will continue the ‘challenge for the presidency’.


struggled last season. It was to the point that the opponent tried an ‘experimental ban pick (mid Seraphine). However, TT, which has completed ‘full power’ this season, is like a really well-ordered army.

However, the issue is neither Yukal meeting Xiaohu nor Hoya dealing with TheShy. Supporter Yao Yao.

In the previous two matches, Yaoyao led the team to victory by showing different styles of champions: Nami, Heimerdinger, Braum, Leona, and Jin.

In particular, his Braum, who blocked the offensive of syndra (unleashed power) and draven with a shield with one oriental blow, nullified all of the opponent’s long-range attacks while filling up the team’s lack of long-range CC skills. In other words, you can turn a ranged dealer support into a champion without it.

In the LPL, no one else could bring out Braum. He may not have dared to take it out. However, if he can help the front line against the opponent’s AD support and nullify the opponent’s AD support, who is showing ‘constant’ skills, it is not impossible for TT to win.

As in the previous TES-iG match, another point to watch in this match is the top.

TT’s Hoya is improving his skills as time goes by. Against UP’s Harry, it was a one-sided game that was virtually a joke, and LGD’s top laner Xiaosu brought out Naru, which was just a ‘meal’.

On the other hand, in the last match, TheShy lost by decision to 369. He had a bit of a struggle in the laning match and got the ‘top kill’, and gave up a solo kill in the 1-1 line match as well. Compared to ‘Top Nidalee’, which showed destructive line battles in the past, it was a disappointing scene for TheShy’s fans.

While the two players are in opposite situations, can Hoya, who boasts the skills of a ‘surprising opponent’, achieve good results against TheShy?

Rookie-Jackie’s visit to his parents’ home and Hoya-TheShy’s great clash will be held on the 14th at 6:00 pm on the Chinese LPL official website, Chinese streaming channel (Chinese above), Twitch-YouTube channel (English above), and Afreeca TV (Korean). relayed

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