Kwon Chang-hoon, a member of K-League 2 Kim Cheon, promised a re-challenge on the European stage.

On the 9th, Kim Cheon held an interview at the 2023 Winter Battery Training Media Camp at the Songjeong Hotel in Busan. Kwon Chang-hoon, who attended the event, expressed his impressions of the World Cup in Qatar, his goals for the new season, and his will to try again on the European stage after being discharged.

First, Kwon Chang-hoon shared his impressions of participating in the World Cup in Qatar last year.

Kwon Chang-hoon, who said, “There was nothing regrettable as a team,” said, “I have prepared for four years, so the players did their best, and I made a good performance and even made the round of 16, so it remains as a really good memory.” It was an experience. It was meaningful to be able to play in the World Cup as a player. It was a time when I was more motivated while playing soccer in the future.”

Kwon Chang-hoon, who enlisted last year, has not yet scored a goal for Gimcheon. Regarding this, “There is no goal for goals. Since the campaign is not far away, we will make sure the team is in a good position. Of course, we will need goals to win, but there are many new players as well as existing players, so there are many good players. Helping those players to score better is the role they can do better. If the opportunity comes, I will prepare to score goals.”

He also revealed his goals for the season. Previously, coach Seong Han-soo revealed that the goal of those who were discharged in June, including Kwon Chang-hoon, was to be discharged undefeated.

Kwon Chang-hoon said, “I heard the goal through the meeting with the coach. Everyone is training with the same goal. Creating a good situation and being discharged is the role that you have to do for the team. Talk with your classmates to do your best as a senior with a sense of responsibility. did,” he said.

He continued, “My goal is to be number one. I’m setting that goal and preparing for it. It’s not easy, but I think it’s possible if I just refine my organizational skills. I’m making up for the parts that need to be supplemented so that I can be of some help to the team and not be a nuisance. “I want to be discharged in good condition,” he said. “Injuries are also important. It is true that I am worried because there were many players who were injured at the end of last year.

He said that as a soldier, the year 2022 passed quickly.

Kwon Chang-hoon, who will become a sergeant next month, said, “I didn’t think time would go, but somehow I got there. A lot happened. I was demoted, and there were the best moments. There were many ups and downs.” Concentrating on the things I had to protect as a soldier, I think I did well in terms of controlling myself. It was a year that went by really hectic,” he remembered.

The goal for the second half of this year is to enter Europe. Kwon Chang-hoon, who played for Dijon in France’s Ligue 1 and Freiburg in Germany’s Bundesliga, had to return to the domestic stage due to injuries and military enlistment.

Kwon Chang-hoon said, “I don’t have a set goal after being discharged, but if I get a chance, I want to go to Europe and challenge myself. I think I’m old enough to challenge again.” I think it’s more important to find a team that suits me than the league I want to play.” 슬롯사이트

“I have to do well on my own, but I want to go to a place where the team’s philosophy matches me. Participating in the game is the most important thing, so I think I have to look for it accordingly,” he said, saying that he would find Europe again when he went out.

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