Incheon International Airport on the 25th, when the spring camp squad of SSG Landers departed. Pitcher Moon Seung-won got on the plane with his hair neatly trimmed.

When he returned from elbow rehabilitation in the middle of last season, Seung-Won Moon had long hair. And unlike a player who just finished his rehabilitation program, he announced a splendid comeback by spraying a fast and heavy ball close to 150km. The pitch was so good. Coach Won-hyung Kim, who had concerns about the back door of the bullpen at the time, asked Moon Seung-won to play for the rest of the season in the bullpen right before his return, and the player accepted. And he came out in his first experience as a closer, not a starter.

There were good days and bad days. It was more of a burden than I imagined to be a close pitcher, and blocking the back door of a team aiming for a championship while running in first place. In the second half of the season, Moon Seung-won, who showed up with his shoulder-length hair cut short, was bruised (?) by manager Kim Won-hyung and his wife. “Baseball was going well, but why did you cut your hair?” was an affectionate bruise. So he even grew his hair out again, but in the end, he cut it neatly, saying it was “difficult to manage,” and set off for camp. 토토사이트

Moon Seung-won, whom I met before departure, showed confidence, saying, “I am in good shape. During the off-season, I had a good individual training with Lee Kun-wook in Okinawa, Japan. If I practice based on what I have prepared, I think there will be good results.” Moon Seung-won said, “I plan to throw a lot of balls at the camp to learn my senses and throw a lot of breaking pitches,” looking back on his experience as a closer. He said, “It seems that I have become hardened by going out a lot in tight situations.

His position for this season has not yet been confirmed. With the addition of Moon Seung-won and Park Jong-hoon, and the growth of Oh Won-seok, SSG is overflowing with starters. 6 selection is also possible. This is the reason why some predict that Moon Seung-won, who already has experience, might play in the bullpen again. Moon Seung-won drew the line, saying, “I haven’t talked to the director yet. I don’t know what the position is. It’s not something I’ll decide on my own.”

Almost 2 years after surgery. Moon Seung-won said, “Last year, the average ERA was in the 5-point range (5.11). Of course, I hope it is better than last year.” Since it’s the second year, I think that will decrease a lot,” he laughed.

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