Roger Bernardina, a winning member of the KIA Tigers, saw a new future for Korean baseball.

Bernadina, who led the KIA to the Korean Series championship in 2017, will play as the center fielder for the Dutch national team at the WBC next month. Bernardina’s trip to the national team, which has been loved by KIA fans for two years, seems to be a welcome presence for Korean baseball fans. 먹튀검증

The Netherlands has been playing a practice match against Hanwha since the 20th (Korean time). Bernardina, who started as the fourth hitter and center fielder, showed a wide range of defense as a center fielder even at the age of 38. After the match on the 22nd, Bernardina met with Korean reporters and was satisfied with the match against the Korean team.

In particular, Bernardina praised Moon Dong-ju, a starter for the second year of Hanwha, against whom he faced on the 20th, saying, “The pitch is really good,” and said, “I saw a bright future for Korean baseball. He is a player who will grow into a superstar.” Moon Dong-ju also responded to Bernardina’s praise.

After graduating from Gwangju Jinheung High School, Moon Dong-ju actually visited Champions Field when Bernardina played, so the match with him is all the more meaningful.

On the other hand, Moon Dong-ju evaluated the Netherlands as a team with strong organizational power. The Netherlands, which Moon Dong-ju faced, will feature Vladimir Valentin, Didi Gregorius, Bernardina, Jonathan Scoop, and Xander Bogatz.

Hanwha and the Dutch national team will have another practice game on the 23rd. From the 8th of next month, the Netherlands will enter the Group A preliminary round with Taiwan, Cuba, Italy and Panama in Taichung, Taiwan.

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