The Major League Baseball (MLB) Secretariat put the brakes on the field appearances that increased significantly last season. Now, he cannot pitch as a pitcher unless certain conditions are met.

ESPN of the United States reported on the 14th (Korean time) that the changed rules of the major leagues for the 2023 season, which focused on restrictions on fielders’ mound appearances and overtime games, had been passed.

What stands out is that certain circumstances must be created for a fielder to pitch. A team that is now ahead can only field hitters by 10 runs or more after the ninth inning. The losing team can go on the mound regardless of innings, but it must be by at least 8 points. 바카라사이트

However, the MLB Secretariat made it possible for fielders to pitch regardless of the score difference when the game goes into overtime.

This seems to be due to concerns that the game will be stretched as fielders’ appearances have increased recently. According to ESPN, pitches by position players increased from 32 in 2017 to 132 last year. Also, The Athletic said, “Five years ago, there were only 78 pitches under 60 mph, but by 2022 that has increased to 856.”

It is because of the protection of the pitcher that the players who went on defense are on the mound. Consuming pitchers in a situation where the score gap has already widened is close to waste. For this reason, instead of the pitcher, a fielder is put in charge of ‘garbage innings’.

However, despite these advantages, they are not professional pitchers, so the tension is bound to drop. If they continue to be beaten in a situation where the flow has already turned at the end of the game, it is highly likely that fans will not watch the game until the end.

Last year, St. Louis put veteran players Albert Pujols (43, retired) and Yadier Molina (41, retired) on the mound one week apart. Both players failed to block the opponent’s batting line and scored 4 runs in 1 inning side by side. In this way, the game can become loose as players who are not familiar with pitching come up.

Meanwhile, the Major League Secretariat decided to maintain the overtime game introduced during the Corona 19 period. Beginning in 2020, Major League Baseball introduced a rule that starts the offense with a runner on second base from overtime. The spring camp was not held properly due to the Corona 19 pandemic, and it was a rule to protect pitchers who could not properly build their bodies.

ESPN said, “Pitchers don’t wear out their shoulders, and clubs avoid problems with roster construction after long overtime periods.”

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