It was a decision for the team and the players. If you listen to the story behind it, it’s understandable enough. 카지노

ESPN’s Ramona Shelbon reported on the inside story of the trade between the Lakers and Denver that broke out at 2:00 am (Korean time) on the 10th.

The Lakers traded a player the fans treasured. Thomas Bryant is the main character. Bryant is a big man resource who joined the Lakers ahead of this season with a minimum salary. However, he joined the Lakers’ core rotation at the start of the season and captivated many Lakers fans with his outstanding performances.

In particular, in the game against the Sacramento Kings held on January 8, about a month ago, he bombed with 29 points and 14 rebounds, contributing to the victory. This season, he averaged 12.1 points and 6.8 rebounds in 41 games. This is a record he set after playing just 21.4 minutes per game.

The Lakers traded him to Denver. Why did we have to let such a jewel-like player go? It is evaluated as a decision for both the team and the players. According to Shelbourne reporter, Bryant was frustrated with the significant reduction in playing time recently following Anthony Davis’ return from injury. In fact, given the prowess he’s shown, the reduced playing time after Davis’s return can feel daunting.

This is the primary reason the Lakers decided to hand over Bryant. The player himself was dissatisfied, and with another big man acquired through the Russell Westbrook trade, Bryant’s playing time had to be reduced further. The Lakers also released Bryant from the team so he could play a bigger role.

The second reason is more practical. This is from a team point of view. Bryant has already done more than the lowest paid player. Now he has to renew the contract, but it is evaluated that it is difficult to be cold with the Lakers financial structure. This is because the Lakers are in a situation where they can only offer mid-level to Bryant. If Bryant is released to the free agent market, it is likely that he will win a stable guarantee contract, even if it is not a large contract. It means the Lakers can’t afford to catch him.

Ultimately, for the sake of both the team and the players, the Lakers sent Bryant to Denver. Now, he is guaranteed much longer playing time as Nikola Jokic’s backup resource. It is obviously regrettable that Bryant was sent, but it is evaluated that the three nominations in the second round can be used quite well.

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