Jung Da-woon, the strongest fighter in Korea, prepares to rise again from his first defeat in 7 years at the UFC, the world’s best martial arts arena.

Daun Jung will face Devin Clark (USA), former NJCAA amateur wrestling champion, at UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivak, which will be held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on February 5. Daun Jung will face Clark in the light heavyweight division.

Daun Jung has not lost a single match since 2015, the year of his professional debut. Even after advancing to the UFC, he went on a winning streak with 4 wins and 1 draw, and entered the UFC light heavyweight rankings for the first time in Asia. Daun Jeong, who recorded 15 consecutive undefeated streaks (14 wins, 1 draw) in the martial arts stage for seven years, suffered the bitter taste of defeat by KO in the first round against Dustin Jacoby (USA) in July of last year.

After the shock of his first defeat, Daun Jung returned to training and tried again to become the first Asian to enter the UFC light heavyweight rankings. In order to challenge Jacobi again, he must first win the comeback match.

Clark’s main weapon is a powerful takedown. He also trained in amateur boxing since elementary school, so his fists are fierce. He is a 13-7 career light heavyweight champion in RFA, a mixed martial arts organization, and a 7-7 record in the UFC.

Jung Da-un said of Clark, “I think he is a tough opponent. Strikes and wrestling are cool, but I don’t think he’s good at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).”

In terms of objective power, it is evaluated that Daun Jeong is ahead. The skills of Daun Jeong and Clark can be indirectly compared through a common opponent. Both fighters beat William Knight and Mike Rodriguez. However, the content was different.

Daun Jeong won a shutout victory against Knight by wrestling, and won a KO victory against Rodriguez in the first minute of the match. On the other hand, Clark was knocked out of the wrestling by Knight at the beginning of the match, and Rodriguez allowed a big punch and was cornered by Groggy.

However, in mixed martial arts (MMA), carelessness is prohibited. Especially in the light heavyweight division, a single punch can change the course of a match. Clark’s one-hit power is so strong that he once knocked down UFC light heavyweight top ranker Alexander Rakic.

Jeong Da-un calmly expressed his determination before returning, saying, “I will prepare silently with the thought of just working hard this time.”

Meanwhile, featherweight Choi Doo-ho (vs Kyle Nelson), middleweight Park Jun-yong (Dennis Tulullin), and female flyweight Kim Ji-yeon (Mandy Böhm) will shine on the stage.


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