Wingback Pedro Poro, who is about to move to Tottenham Hotspur, thanked his former team, Sporting.

On the 31st (Korean time), British media ‘Sky Sports’ reported that “Tottenham finally found a breakthrough in the POW recruitment negotiations. The transfer negotiations are nearing completion.”

Tottenham, who aimed to reinforce the right wingback this winter, picked POW as a target early on and started negotiations. After negotiations throughout the transfer market, it was decided to pay a transfer fee of 45 million euros (about 60 billion won) in the buyout amount, and reached a verbal agreement with Sporting last weekend. 메이저사이트

But on Monday, news came that the transfer could be canceled suddenly. Negotiations were put to a halt when Sporting changed the details of the deal just before signing. The prisoner’s medical test, scheduled for Monday, was also canceled. However, the two sides narrowed their differences through renegotiation and reached an agreement again. It is known that Tottenham gave up 15% of the cell-on clause (payment of a certain amount at the time of transfer) for Sporting winger Marcus Edwards from Tottenham during the negotiation process.

Poro, who had already said goodbye to Sporting fans, had to spend a chaotic day while news of the transfer being cancelled and renegotiations being heard. He did not attend Sporting training on Monday. Sporting explained that he did not attend training with the club’s permission.

After twists and turns, after Tottenham and Sporting reached a reconciliation, Poro expressed his gratitude to Sporting. According to the Portuguese media ‘Mice Football’, the prisoner who was interviewed before leaving the UK thanked the club for allowing him to skip training and said, “I am happy with this transfer, but at the same time I am leaving the club that gave me everything. Thank you very much. I wish Sporting the best of luck.”

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