Kang Min-goo (40), who seemed to remain the ‘eternal number two’, lifted the first championship trophy on the Gearco Professional Billiards (PBA) tour. The 16 bank shots with a success rate of 42.11% were a strong springboard.

Kang Min-goo defeated Dinh Nai (Vietnam) 4-2 (14-15 15-6 2-15), who reached the final 10 games after his tour debut in the final of the PBA Tour Wellbang Championship, which ended at Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on the 24th. 15-7 15-9 15-5) and won. Jumped into the PBA Tour as an original member and won the championship in 28 tournaments. Kang Min-gu, who received 100 million won in prize money, also raised the prize money ranking from 46th to 20th (105 million won) this season.

Kang Min-goo was a ‘surprise star’ who was born when the PBA tour was launched four years ago. Among foreign players with a clear difference in skill, including Frédéric Cudron (Belgium), he drew attention as a ‘local prospect’.

I heard the sound of ‘weed’ because I didn’t have any special results during the Korea Billiards Federation (KBF), but I went up to the final of the Panasonic Open, the opening match of the first year, and faced Philippos Kasidocostas (Greece). He couldn’t overcome the difference between heaven and earth in the value of his name and ended up in the runner-up, but he clearly announced his name.

However, the label of ‘runner-up’ that he received in his first competition followed him throughout the four years. In the 4th tournament of the year, the TS Shampoo Championship, he reached the final again, but this time he lost 2-4 to Kudron and drank a second bitter cup.

In the 2020-21 season, he reached the finals twice more, but lost to Javier Palazon (Spain and Crown Haitai Championship) and Kasido Costas (Wellbang Championship), respectively, and accepted the unwelcome nickname of ‘runner-up expert’.

Since then, Kang Min-goo, who has maintained his tour life in the mid-lower ranks like ‘The Invisible Man’, seems to have been absent except for three ‘Top 10’ grades until the end of the two seasons, but he revived as he promised before the start of this season. stretched wide open.

After February 14, 2021, when he beat Jae-geun Kim and reached the semi-finals of the Welbang competition, he reached the semi-finals for the 6th time in his career after 1 year and 345 days, just 20 days short of 2 years. Then, he overpowered Jaeho Cho, whom he had taken as his “role model,” and ran to the finals. He also reached the top of the first tour of his dreams, beating Vietnam’s “powerhouse,” Ngo Dinh Nai, who reached the final after 10 tournaments. 스포츠토토

In the first set, Kang Min-goo made the 11-14 set point first with two bank shots in the 7th inning, but the solidification also reversed the charter by responding with 2 bank shots in 8 innings. In the 2nd set, Kang Min-goo scored first with 2 bank shots, followed by 2 more 2-point shots, and tied the coagulation to 6 points, pushing it out by 9 points in 6 innings to balance the game. The fifth set after exchanging sets 3 and 4. Kang Min-goo’s one-bank shot spewed fire.

Kang Min-gu, who was dragged by a five-point lead by allowing a 7-point high run to solidify in 2-2, made up for the two points with an insert bank shot and added two points with the same technique to catch up with 8-9, as well as a 7-point high run. The match was tied at 9-9. Kang Min-goo, who took the lead 11-9 with a one-bank shot back, made a set point with a 3-bank shot followed by a side throw, then succeeded in a side shot again to take the lead with a set 3-2.

The 6th set was Kang Min-goo’s pace with an instant. Kang Min-gu, who started with a 3-point bank shot and immediately took a 6-0 lead with a 6-point high-run, took a 5-point long shot again with a sideways turn to secure a clear victory to 11-0, and then added another point with a giant slalom after a solid blow. He even succeeded in 3 bank shots to make the match point 14-0.

Coagulation, which ignited the chase at the last minute, caught up with a 5-point high run by tying sideways and bank shots, but the score was still widening by 9 points. Kang Min-goo called a time-out to catch his breath, and then finished the 2 hours and 6 minutes game by filling in the last point with his sideways turn.

Kang Min-gu scored 32 points with 16 bank shots out of a total of 76 points, raising the bank shot success rate to 42.11%. Kang Min-gu, who recorded an average of 1.949 and overwhelmed the solidification of 1.500, also scored 62.11%, ahead of the solidification of 58.6%. Kang Min-goo confided, “I was taught the secret technique of the bank shot by Eom Sang-pil, the leader of his team, the Blue One Angels.”

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