England national team coach Gareth Southgate has left a statement of his conviction to his own media and fans who are criticizing defender Harry Maguire.

England, led by Southgate, won 3-1 in an A-match friendly match at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland, on the morning of the 13th (Korea Standard Time). After the world’s first A match was held in 1872, it was England who laughed in a meaningful match to mark the exact 150th anniversary. England scored consecutive goals by Phil Foden (Manchester City), Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid), and Harry Kane (Bayern Munich) to take the victory. Scotland recovered one goal with Maguire’s own goal in the second half.소닉카지노

Meanwhile, Maguire, who was substituted at the start of the second half of the day, received boos and cheers from fans. Scottish fans cheered as Maguire caught the ball. In fact, Sky Sports in the UK said on the 13th, “Every time Maguire passed, I received ironic cheers from Scottish fans. “This was similar to the recent match between Manchester United and Arsenal, when Maguire arrived, he was cheered by Arsenal fans.” In other words, he gave ridiculous cheers to Maguire, who has recently been sluggish and has become a target of the media and fans.

Southgate could not hide his anger. Manager Southgate said, “Maguire has been an amazing player for the most outstanding England team, and has played a spicy important role,” adding, “Fortunately, he is supported by his colleagues behind the locker room.” “Scotland fans enjoyed it, but Maguire was calm,” he said.

Harry Maguire, who played the second half of the match between England and Scotland on the 13th, was substituted.

The match between England and Scotland on the 13th. Harry Kane is cheering with his teammates as he scores his team’s third goal.

At the same time, he raised his voice of dissatisfaction toward fans and the media. “Maeguire has long received outrageous criticism from experts, the media and social media,” Southgate said.

In fact, Maguire has been consistently regarded as a major target of criticism by fans and the media after his performance has fallen since the 2021-22 season. Various YouTube videos, as well as his slump, used to be regarded as a meme. Southgate appears upset at this very point.

Maguire scored an own goal in the 22nd minute of the second half while trying to clear the cross, but in terms of the scene alone, it was not a lucky scene. Since then, he has played the second half without wavering. He made 39 out of 41 passes (95%) in 45 minutes, and 3 long passes. He also showed a 100% success rate in the airball competition.

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