Attention is focusing on whether Erling Hollan (22), a Norwegian “monster striker” of England’s professional soccer team Manchester City, will be able to break the 95-year-old scoring record.

As of the 3rd, Hollan has scored 25 goals in 19 matches, ranking first in the Premier League. With this momentum, Andy Cole (1993-1994 season, Newcastle) and Alan Shearer (1994-1995 season, Blackburn)’s record for the most league goals (34 goals) in one season seems to be a problem, not whether or not it was updated, but when it was written.

Cole and Shearer’s record was written in a 42-game system. The record for the most goals in the current 38-game system is 32 goals set by Liverpool’s Muhammad Salah in the 2017-2018 season.

The English Premier League was launched in 1992 by overhauling the existing league. If you extend the scope to the previous Football League, the number of goals scored by William Ralph Dean, who led Everton to the league championship in the 1927-1928 season, is overwhelming.

Nicknamed ‘Dixie’, Dean set an unbelievable record of 60 goals despite missing three of his 42 league games. 2nd place and 11 goals difference.

According to the BBC, when asked about his goalscoring record years later, Dean said: “People ask if the 60 goal record can be broken. I think so. But only one person can do that. It is ‘the friend who walks on water’. He seems to be almost the only one.”

Can Halan walk on water?

Dean and Holland have vastly different physique requirements. Dean is of average build at 5ft 10in (178cm), but Hallan is 6ft 5in (196cm) tall. But the scoring pace is similar.

Both scored on the opening day, his 12th goal in the eighth game. Halan scored a hat-trick in a 6–3 win over Manchester United, while Dean scored five goals alone in a 5–2 win over the same opponents in Game 9.

Haalan, who has played in 19 of City’s 20 matches, has 25 goals, just behind Dean, who has 30 goals in the same number of matches. 카지노

If Haaland maintains his current goalscoring pace, he is likely to break the Premier League record in his 27th appearance. If he played all of Manchester City’s league games, the match against West Ham on March 18 local time will be the stage for his new record.

Manchester City have 18 matches to go. With Hollan scoring an average of 1.3 goals per game, simply arithmetic means he could add at least 23 goals in the second half. That means Haalan could become the first player since Jimmy Greaves in 1961 to break the 40-goal barrier.

Also, his 48 goals ranks third all-time. If you add 1 goal, you will move up to 2nd place.

However, reaching 60 goals is not an easy task in reality. However, if Haalan learns the secret of ‘walking on water’ and scores a hat-trick, the story will be different.

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