Kim Yong-soo, a second-time billiard player of Yuk-soon, lost his dream of first PBA win right in front of his eyes.

Kim Yong-soo, who was born in 1984 and jumped into the first part of this season after going through the dream tour, pressed the 3rd championship champion Wimaz to 2-0 in the round of 128 of the ‘2023 Crown Haitai PBA Championship’ held on the 3rd (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center) Due to lack, they eventually lost 1:2 in the game, ending the season with all 8 losses.

Kim Yong-soo, who won the first set 15:9, overturned the second set 9:14 to 15:14, showing a high sense of victory.

Kim Yong-soo caught up with 2 runs in the 9th inning when We Marz hit 6 consecutive hits in 7 innings and only had a set point left.

It was the flow of Kim Yong-soo. He hit 5 straight hits in 3 sets of 8 innings to take an 8:7 lead. However, Wimaz, who was in super-intensive mode, responded with 6 consecutive hits in 9 innings, yielding the 3rd set at 9:15, and then losing the 4th set at 6:15, entering the game. 먹튀검증

When Wimaz, who had the right to attack the first ball, passed the first ball, the expectation of victory was high as he handled the position ball well and scored one goal. However, as he narrowly missed a one-bank shot, he lost his first win right in front of his eyes.

After tying the score with a rather difficult sideways turn, Wimaz succeeded in their second shot, eventually winning and advancing to the round of 64.

Kim Yong-soo fought against champions or at least runners-up, such as Cho Joon-hwi in the 1st round, Kang Dong-gung in the 2nd round, Palazon in the 3rd round, Martinez in the 4th round, Sapana in the 5th round, Wimaz in the 6th round, Lee Sang-dae in the 7th round.

Meanwhile, Kang Min-goo, Eom Sang-pil, Shin Nam-ho, Jung Si-yong, Lee Jung-hoon, Han Ji-seung, and Seong Sang-eun also advanced to the round of 64. Vietnam’s P. Nguyen and Ngo Dinh Nai were eliminated after being defeated by Seong Sang-eun and Jung Si-yong in a match.

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